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Employees cutting back on lunch breaks and working harder

The recession has taken its toll on the workplace. Job insecurity and tax hikes have put huge amounts of pressure on workers and, as a result, many have cut back on lunch breaks and are working even harder.

According to new research from Business Environment, almost a third of workers are taking shorter breaks thanks to the uncertain economic environment – with 18 per cent saying they regularly work through their entire lunch hour.

The survey of 3,000 UK office workers showed that some sectors were more affected by the workplace uncertainty than others.

For example, 38 per cent of banking and insurance sector workers enjoyed an hour-long lunch break, compared to 35 per cent of catering staff who never take lunch.

Business Environment's marketing manager, Steve Moore said that at some firms the additional pressure felt by employees was being tackled with office space luxuries – like fruit bowls and on-site gym equipment.

"We've … seen a sharp rise in the number of our clients using their free employee membership of our on-site gym facilities. As a result, we will be looking to add gym facilities at more of our locations this year," he claimed.


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