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Nov 26th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY 12: Tuesday 25th November

Day 12 – Feeling better, singing songs and eating pizza!  I can’t quite believe that tomorrow is our last working day for POD. The time has really flown by leaving me a little shell shocked. I’m really going to miss Sarah ...

Nov 25th 2014

Tips for making the most of a small office space

Don’t let a small home office cramp your creativity – get some top tips for making the most out of it. If you work in a small office you might feel like it’s cramping your creativity. But even if you work in a tiny cubicle there are things you ...

Nov 25th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY 11: Monday 24th November

Bike trips and bruises!! Today we headed off to Ward 6 minus our compadre Yasmine as unfortunately she wasn’t feeling very well! I hope she is better! I’ve not seen her all day!!!  Edwina and I went to Ward 6 together which was super ...

Nov 24th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY 10: Sunday 23rd November

The day I ran off the edge of a cliff! Today was another day off (which feels crazy as I feel like I’ve done so much ‘playing’ and not enough working whilst here!) as we had put our deposits down there was no backing out of paragliding! ...

Nov 24th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY 9: Saturday 22nd November

Day 9 – Visiting the girls This morning we took a walk with Sarah to buy our bus tickets back to Kathmandu for next week, as sadly we leave Pokhara on Thursday morning. We are booked onto the first bus of the day, at 7am as there are no safety ...

Nov 24th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY 8: Friday 21st November

Today has been so good! It was our day off so we managed to sleep in until 9 and then sunbathe on the terrace! After breakfast at Sweet Memories we decided we needed a bit of retail therapy! We felt like natives with our haggling skills! I managed ...

Nov 21st 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY 7: Thursday 20th November

Mountain views, bells and shoes The sun rose at 6am this morning. Slowly, like me. I knew this would be an early start to a very long day. However, Bijay from the Street Kids Project had assured me that this was the only time a person would see the ...

Nov 20th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY 6: Wednesday 19th November

Another fun and action packed day! We got to Ward 6 (this time with no wrong turns) and as it was such a beautiful day we all went outside to take some of the lesson in the sun. We started off with some singing and followed it with flash cards. As a ...

Nov 19th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY 5: Tuesday 18th November

Baaf-re-baaf! (Omg) What an amazing day it’s been! Today we headed off on our own to Ward 6, minus poor Edwina who wasn’t feeling too rosy! After a very small glitch and a ever so slightly wrong turn we managed to navigate our way back ...

Nov 18th 2014

Top 10 coolest offices in the UK

Google and Apple are well-known for having cool workspaces. But there are plenty of other offices that have some amazingly fun features. From helter-skelters to picnic tables, we look at the coolest places to work in the UK. 1. Innocent Drinks ...

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