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Nov 21st 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY 7: Wednesday 20th November

Mountain views, bells and shoes The sun rose at 6am this morning. Slowly, like me. I knew this would be an early start to a very long day. However, Bijay from the Street Kids Project had assured me that this was the only time a person would see the ...

Nov 20th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY 6: Wednesday 19th November

Another fun and action packed day! We got to Ward 6 (this time with no wrong turns) and as it was such a beautiful day we all went outside to take some of the lesson in the sun. We started off with some singing and followed it with flash cards. As a ...

Nov 19th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY 5: Tuesday 18th November

Baaf-re-baaf! (Omg) What an amazing day it’s been! Today we headed off on our own to Ward 6, minus poor Edwina who wasn’t feeling too rosy! After a very small glitch and a ever so slightly wrong turn we managed to navigate our way back ...

Nov 18th 2014

Top 10 coolest offices in the UK

Google and Apple are well-known for having cool workspaces. But there are plenty of other offices that have some amazingly fun features. From helter-skelters to picnic tables, we look at the coolest places to work in the UK. 1. Innocent Drinks ...

Nov 18th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY FOUR: Monday 17th November

“Ma Nepali sik-dai chhu” – “I’m learning Nepali!” After having a language lesson this evening, I’m feeling really excited to start speaking basic Nepali tomorrow. I will practice with the ...

Nov 17th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY THREE: Sunday 16th November

Today we had our induction talk with the newly trained Janice. Janice, despite being a little nervous, handled the induction like a pro and had us in fits of laughter with some of the bits that ended up in the talk! I don’t think you would ...

Nov 16th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY TWO: Saturday 15th November

The gift and the trip to Pokhara After a nice meal with a hastily employed “guide” last night, dinner was pizza and a glass of wine in the courtyard of a local hotel. The seating area was lit up and sparkled at us, beckoning us to come ...

Nov 14th 2014

NEPAL BLOG DAY ONE: Friday 14th November

The Nepal adventure begins! After some delays, arriving at Kathmandu airport was a relief! The hustle and chaos quickly took over the senses and any tiredness from our long journey was forgotten. Outside, the awaiting taxi driver filled his ...

Nov 13th 2014

Basingstoke and Barbican Business Environment employees depart for the volunteering trip of a lifetime to Nepal

Business Environment Centre Manager Yasmine Shah (Barbican) and Assistant Centre Manager Jade Armitage (Basingstoke) have today departed for an exciting two week volunteering adventure to Nepal, sponsored entirely by Business Environment. ...

Nov 11th 2014

9 tips on how to tell an employee their clothes are inappropriate

Is there someone in your office who comes to work in revealing clothing? Or is there a colleague who just looks scruffy all the time? Employees who wear inappropriate clothing can make everyone feel uncomfortable or give the wrong impression ...

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