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        The Little Things

        You spend more daytime in your office than you do at home! That’s why we make the effort to make it as pleasant as possible.

        We can’t make your job any easier but we can make your working environment that much more enjoyable and throw in a few little surprises to give you a smile…

        Friday Cake Run

        In every centre we do a doughnut & cake run around every office to offer everyone a free treat on a Friday morning. Start the weekend spirit early on us!

        Major Sporting Events Showcase

        We appreciate that you and your employees won’t want to miss major sporting events such as Wimbledon, World Cup & the Olympics so rather than put you in a difficult situation we turn our conference centres into a giant viewing room showing the major events right in your centre. We even throw in refreshments and catering to ensure that whilst your staff might not be in the office the downtime is at an absolute minimum.

        Sweet Trolley

        We are always thinking of the little things that can make your day more pleasant and this year we have launched the sweet trolley that works around every office offering a range of free sweets and treats.

        Free Gyms

        With so many treats on offer you’ll probably want to consider using our free gyms, exclusive to BE clients only. We’re the only major business centre provider to offer free gyms, which can save you and your team their monthly gym membership fees.

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