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Employee wellbeing is a “business necessity”


As heavy workloads are leading to increased stress and office jobs promote sedentary lifestyles, the issue of staff wellbeing is one that must be addressed by every organisation.

Not only will this help to promote a healthier approach to life among employees, it will also lead to greater productivity and retention.

And while many employers have already taken the first step by setting up health and wellbeing initiatives within their shared office spaces, poor promotion means staff members do not know about the programmes on offer at their organisation.

That is according to research from Virgin HealthMiles, which found that only 51 per cent staff feel they have a good understanding of the wellbeing schemes offered by their employer.

The figures come despite the fact that wellness initiatives are high on the list of staff members who are keen to maintain a positive lifestyle while at work. Nearly nine out of ten respondents said this was one of the most important considerations when seeking employment.

Not only can a healthy workforce help to reduce the amount of sick pay an organisation has to contend with, but motivation and productivity will also be boosted.

Indeed, seven out of ten people questioned in the study said that health and wellbeing programmes directly benefit their outlook and working culture.

Anne Ruddy, president and chief executive of human resources association World at Work, said: “Encouraging and promoting a healthy workforce is no longer simply the right thing to do, it’s a business necessity.”

And for those firms who do not yet have a wellbeing programme in place but would like to set one up, it may be useful to know that 78 per cent of staff said they would be more encouraged to take part if there were incentives involved.

In addition, having a weight loss programme is one of the most-desired initiatives by employees, as well as help to stop smoking and manage workloads and stress.



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