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NEPAL BLOG DAY 10: Sunday 23rd November

The day I ran off the edge of a cliff!

Today was another day off (which feels crazy as I feel like I’ve done so much ‘playing’ and not enough working whilst here!) as we had put our deposits down there was no backing out of paragliding!

I was feeling a little bit peaky on our walk down to the centre, a bad night’s sleep due to the sounds of dogs barking and people spitting (very common over here) and the fact that I have this strange fluey cold thing going on! But never the less…I was going to do it and that was that!!

We met Graham who we had persuaded to join us and boarded the bus.

Me being me, and being extremely unprepared and clueless on what we were about to do had turned up in clothing that wasn’t exactly appropriate! And was swiftly told I would freeze! Our new gentleman friend very kindly ran back to his apartment quickly and grabbed me a coat which was so nice of him and I ended up looking like a small girl in a sleeping bag in it!

On the bus ride up we tried hard not to look down too much! The buses weave up these very thin steep roads and you feel extremely close to the edge the whole time! We got higher and higher as the road got bumpier and bumpier and inside I was feeling nervous to say the least! The hands started to clam up a few times and I started to think what the heck am I doing!! (I’m not generally the most adventurous of girls) however I knew it was an experience I had to have! YOLO!

day 10 xxxxx
We got to the top and I met my pilot who was lovely, once again I started to get nervous when he said we had to run together towards the edge of the cliff…did I mention how high it is!! Haha!

I stood there for a while (secretly dying inside) and then the time came…the run wasn’t so much a run as a weird shuffle but we still managed a successful lift off!paragliding

And oh my god was it madness! The view was just out of this world, seeing the Himalayas from there and the views below also! I was still rather scared at this point and the pilot talked me into how to relax in whilst I tried not to think about how high we were and just take in the beauty of the surrounding views! I was soon slightly more relaxed and taking photos and holding on to his Go Pro to take photos of our flight to buy later! I told the pilot I was sick (I meant my cold) and I think he thought I was going to be sick over the side (that didn’t happen) but I think it made him take it easy on me and not go quite as crazy as they do with other people doing tricks and going upside down! On the descent you fly over the lake and have to do a few rather aero dynamic moves which I may have had to shut my eyes for…and then boom…down to the ground! Safely…alive…in one piece!! Edwina and Graham were already down and we all just stood there for a moment taking in what had just happened! Amazing! I’m so glad I did it and let Edwina talk me into it!!paraglidin

Our afternoon involved an hour or so chill time and we then went to meet Yasmine who was having a nice relaxing afternoon by the lake with Sophie.

They had made plans to go shopping. Edwina and I wanted to go to The Peace Pagoda as it could have been the last chance to do it before we leave so we flagged down a cab and off we went for another hair raising car journey to the top of a mountain!!

The views once again were stunning and it was lovely to see the sun set and of course the temple itself! Once again we were mobbed for some more photos!

day 10 xx

It’s a very beautiful place! It makes me want more time to go see more!!! The time here is going too quickly.


Day 10 – Sunday with Sophie!

I had a lovely night’s sleep and woke up to fried eggs on toast made by Bindu followed by a black coffee, which I took with me onto the balcony. Today is an official rest day for me, so I was so happy that the sun shone brightly and the weather was so hot! Jade and Edwina left to go paragliding and I met up with the lovely Sophie in Lakeside, for an afternoon of banter and Mmomos. These are dumplings with a meat or veg filling, served with a spicy sauce. These went down very well, as we sat chatting in the beautiful gardens of the cafe. From our vantage point, we could see the paragliders over the lake and we had fun guessing which ones were Edwina, Jade and Graham.


Sophie wanted to do some shopping, so after we met up with the girls; we went off to look for cheap books for her trek as well as some music CDs. She introduced me to her host, who’s family she is staying with and arranged to meet tomorrow night when her other friend Deepen, who lives at an orphanage, come back to Lakeside. I suggested that we go to see Jade sing at the Blues Bar and she loved the idea, the girls and I all met up for dinner in Sweet Memories and Graham joined us. 

Back to work at Ward 6 and the Street Kids project tomorrow and I just can’t wait to get back into the swing of things! 

I’m having such a great time here and have met some wonderful people, who I will never forget.




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