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NEPAL BLOG DAY 11: Monday 24th November

Bike trips and bruises!!

Today we headed off to Ward 6 minus our compadre Yasmine as unfortunately she wasn’t feeling very well! I hope she is better! I’ve not seen her all day!!!  🙁

Edwina and I went to Ward 6 together which was super hard work with there just being two of us today. I love the children but they have a habit of jumping all over me which I don’t mind but I’m left with a lot of bruises! I still have fun with them though and love their characters.

We were slightly concerned by the presence of two goats in the Ward 6 playground this morning who had managed to escape through the gate!! The children were running over to them whilst they were butting each other and we were worried they might hurt themselves or get kicked so we had to keep running over and dragging them away, which the children thought was a game! They weren’t scared but we were!! The teachers seemed to think this was normal!

Edwina tried grabbing some grass to coax them out but it was easier said than done!! Luckily there were no injuries and we managed the whole day having fun and playing with the children whilst using flash cards and English boards to help teach them!

On our break we decided to go for a motor bike ride to a beautiful lake close by! As I’m massive wimp I opted to be a passenger on our new friend Graham’s bike as he knows what he’s doing and where he’s going! We headed to the lake passing the most beautiful scenery on the way!!! It’s the first time I’ve ever been on the back of a motor bike but I loved it!!

day 11
When we eventually made it down to the lake we decided to have a short swim and dived into the beautiful but cold refreshing water!! I’m loving my experiences here!! I can’t believe how much I have managed to pack in and how much more I wish I could do…I’m not sure where my adventurous streak is coming from but I am loving it!!

dday xx

Afterwards, we went to meet up with Janice and Sarah and headed to Street Kids where the children were being taken to get new shoes! This was so awesome for them! Edwina, Janice and Sarah went with the older boys and I stayed behind with the younger ones to play games and make balloon animals!

dfay 11

In the evening myself Edwina and Graham went for a nice meal followed by the Blues bar to see my Nepali band!! I had bought them all a gift to say thank you for letting me sing with them! And once again I was invited back to have food! I need a Wave t-shirt before I leave I am their biggest fan!!!

Good night and namaste from Pokhara!

Jade x

Not feeling 100%

Since arriving in Nepal, I’ve been able to eat almost anything without incident. I’m sure I will always regret the Momos I had last night, as I ended up in a bit of a bad way today. Sarah and Janice both looked after me and brought me back around to full health. With bottles of water containing electrolytes and a lunch of soup and toast, I started to feel myself by late afternoon. My lovely friend, Sophie even came over to visit me in my sick bed, bringing with her funny stories to cheer me up. She took me for a mint tea when I felt up to it and I am now feeling miles better!

Edwina told me that some very aggressive goats had taken over the yard at Ward 6 today and the children ended up playing indoors all day. I have missed them all and can’t wait to see them all tomorrow morning!

Sarah and Janice went out to buy new shoes for the children at the Street Kids project and I’m really sad I missed that today, but we’re all taking them all out for pizza on Business Environment tomorrow, so that will be great!

Looking forward to the morning!

Yasmine x



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