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NEPAL BLOG DAY 5: Tuesday 18th November

Baaf-re-baaf! (Omg)

What an amazing day it’s been!

Today we headed off on our own to Ward 6, minus poor Edwina who wasn’t feeling too rosy! After a very small glitch and a ever so slightly wrong turn we managed to navigate our way back to where we needed to be for our first day at Ward 6 on our own.

After a bit of a shaky start, (as there were 6 new children that day) and one very young baby in particular who we fondly named ‘The Car Alarm,’ who screamed for around an hour continuously, things started to settle down and we found ourselves having a fab time with the children and playing market shopping, singing songs and even some dancing!

It’s ‘ekdam raamro’ (so so nice) to get to know the children better and start to be able to distinguish between them (there are so many and they are all bundled up in winter clothing and hats so it’s hard sometimes) but we are starting to learn their traits and characters!

day 5

After Ward 6 again we had a nice long lunch break and some chill time back at Bindu’s guest house before we headed to Street Kids. I think we did reasonably well remembering the half an hour walk with only one tiny mistake!

We had a lovely greeting from the boys and Ashmeta and within ten minutes we were all drawing pictures and getting along like a house on fire!

There is one boy called BJ (yes I had to be an adult and stifle a laugh or two with his name, especially as he is referred to as ‘cheeky BJ!) who is just brilliant! So so funny and loves to play tricks and word games on you! He is such a character and so much fun!

We then took four of the elder children including the two BJs and Ashmeta to the Internet cafe so they could play some games and send emails to past volunteers. This was another half hour walk away. On the way I chatted to the boys as they were whispering away behind me, and I was being nosey. We got chatting about their ‘hundreds of girlfriends’ haha very funny conversation! It’s so easy to become very fond of these kids as they are so playful and mischievous!

day 5 xx

At the Internet cafe they boys played games whilst Ashmeta watched YouTube videos on how to make paper mâché dresses! I showed her photos of myself in my Elsa dress which she loved and she was soon looking at how she could make her own!

After Street Kids and back at Bindu’s myself and Yasmine decided to go for some dinner and we had a lovely meal at Sweet Memories with a glass of wine and a bottle of beer that was almost bigger then me! We got chatting to a few different people whilst there including a French group who had been up Everest! Amazing! It’s so cool meeting new people from different walks of life and chatting about our different experiences of Nepal!

I definitely think I’m settling in after today!! Suba ratri everyone! (Good night)


The Nepali culture is slowly weaving its magic.

The people and cows alike, slowly wander along the roads attending to their business.  With exception are the smartly dressed school children who we meet along the roads on the walk to Ward 6. They seem to shine with energy and always call out an easy greeting of “Namaste” as they pass with a giggle.

The sun shines like a lovely summers day, but it’s winter here and the locals all say it’s so cold. Jade and I wandered in the sunshine to Ward 6 this morning after breakfast and slowly realised that we’d taken a wrong turning, I scrambled over the huge rocks in the roads at my usual London pace and my flip flop turned over underneath me. Sending me flying! That’s when I thought, “Easy does it..Nepali style!”

On arrival, we discovered that there were some new faces among the now familiar ones and were told that we had some new starters that day. Keen to welcome them, we grabbed some toys and sat down in two small groups. The new children took turns and played happily for about 10 minutes, until suddenly one little boy burst into a fit of angry tears after discovering that his Mother had left. His tears them set off another, then another new child a little bit like a car alarm, we joked afterwards! He finally settled after about an hour, then promptly fell asleep! I suppose it’s as good a way as any to cope with your first day at nursery! “Bacchara” – Poor little thing!


Edwina, was not feeling too well today and really needed rest, so Jade and I will wait for her to get better before we start on the swing building/painting project, as it’s her idea. We’re all friends here. No need to go stealing anyone’s thunder! She’s feeling a lot better now and hopes to be back on her feet tomorrow. Bless her.

The boys (and one girl) from the Street kids project loved our gifts of &Meetings pads and pencils and were so happy to spend time drawing and colouring in pictures until it was time to visit the Internet cafe. We all had a lot of fun walking there together, chatting and giggling. When we arrived I bought cokes and sprites all round, which went down a treat!

Jade and I went to dinner at a great spot called “Sweet Memories” and enjoyed chatting to a group of tourists from Israel and France, two of whom were musicians / mountaineers who had just climbed Mount Everest! It goes without saying that I failed to mention how I’d nearly lost my life on an overturned flip flop earlier…




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