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NEPAL BLOG DAY 7: Thursday 20th November

Mountain views, bells and shoes

The sun rose at 6am this morning. Slowly, like me. I knew this would be an early start to a very long day. However, Bijay from the Street Kids Project had assured me that this was the only time a person would see the Anapurna range “mountains in the sky” at this time of year. The roof terrace has a wonderful view of the lake and surrounding hills. With a light breeze blowing, I looked across the lake and beyond, hoping to catch a glimpse of the promised view. Such an amazing way to wake up, I felt blessed. Fifteen minutes later, I was still there, feeling chilly and a bit resigned to the fact that the stubborn clouds were staying put. After a short nap, I woke up once more to the sound of the street dogs chorus and went down for breakfast.


The little ones at Ward 6 are so comfortable around us now. They are totally used to us and often come over just to lay their head on our lap or to hold our hand when it’s quiet. I’m feeling really settled now. Today Jade, Edwina and I saw two of the children walking along the road in the late afternoon, with their mothers. They immediately recognised us with an excited giggle, called out “Namaste!”

Lessons were once again held outdoors, with all it’s various distractions. We did the “hokey kokey” and read stories until nearly lunch time. When the teacher went inside to finish cooking the lunch, all hell broke loose! Some of the children made a break for the enclosed shrine and temple, which adjoins the nursery on the same land and went a bit crazy, ringing the all the many bells at once, large and small! They all rang out right across the village, making such a racket, that passers-by were stopping to stare in shock at the utter disorder. I ran over to try to gather them together, but they all laughed and screamed and dodged each other to escape me! Very funny.


Later on, we enjoyed the half hour walk to the Street Kids project, stopping to take photos in the sunshine and looked forward to a more relaxing afternoon. Sarah asked us to let the boys know that they will all be getting new shoes, as the funding has been approved for this! It was great to pass on this good news to them and they were all very excited! When we arrived, the boys were so pleased to see us and we all enjoyed each other’s company for a few hours. Once everyone finished their homework, the boys enjoyed playing with the Play Doh that was donated by Jade Golton and then ran around playing volleyball until dusk. Some then listened to music from Edwina’s ipad and played games on our phones. Others got glitter tattoos from Jade. The outside area where we work with the children was mostly lit up by children taking turns with my head torch, as there is no electricity outside. Although this was also used to look for owls in next door’s tree! When it got dark, we were walked through the dark alleyways, to the taxi rank on the main road, by three of the older boys, who kindly negotiated a Nepali price for us with the drivers!

Tomorrow, we have a day’s rest as we are working on Saturday, with girls who have been rescued from trafficking. Very challenging but am looking forward to meeting everyone!

Really looking forward to a lie in…


It’s our day off today so we decided to let our hair down last night and party Nepali style! 

You feel like a naughty teenager coming home late as most nightlife here closes around 10pm and we have been told that Bindu waits up for you! However on this occasion we let her daughter Janice know we would be late (and I think Janice was out as late as us also) such a cool girl!

Yesterday was another brilliant day. The children are getting use to us and for the most part come to give us cuddles and are happy just sitting in our laps! The lesson was much the same as other days with singing, playing, drawing and learning colours with the help of the balloon animals I made. There was more bubbles in the yard and a fun game where Tarra pretended to be a fox singing a song then she chooses a child to be the fox too! The children are so cute when playing games like this!


Street Kids was so much fun today, we helped the boys with homework and then myself and Edwina played a strange game of dodge ball using a rubber band happy sack style ball the boys had made! I wasn’t very good at this game much to the boy’s amusement! We then tried to play volleyball but the ball was too hard so the boys thought I was crazy trying to use a volleyball serve during our game!

Yasmine brought playdoh which went down amazingly and later on I did some glitter tattoos for everyone! And even got my own which one of the boys did for me!

It gets dark really early so we end up still sitting outside in the pitch black… We would love to be able to provide some lighting for the Street Kids so that they can be outside for longer! 


As we had the day off on Friday we decided that we would go out for a few drinks and see what Pokhara had to offer! We had our dinner in the usual Sweet Memories where Angela entertained us with her jokes! We met a lovely Irish man named Graham and started sharing our stories of our Nepali experiences. We were having such a great time we then went to see a band that Graham recommended in a bar called Busy Bees! I was in my element as it was a lot of rock music! So good! It was so nice to let our hair down, everyone was in such high spirits and having so much fun! Annnnnnd….a lie in today with no hangover!!! Ek Dam Raamro!!!!




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