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NEPAL BLOG DAY 8: Friday 21st November

Today has been so good!

It was our day off so we managed to sleep in until 9 and then sunbathe on the terrace! After breakfast at Sweet Memories we decided we needed a bit of retail therapy! We felt like natives with our haggling skills! I managed to buy a gorgeous shawl that went from five thousands rupees to 250!!! Cheap as chips mate!! I love it!

After this we headed back and randomly met up with the awesome Sophie from our bus trip to Pokhara!

We decided to go hire a boat and go out on the lake which proved to be a fantastic life decision! After we got over our initial worry that we were going to fall in… and after numerous choruses of ‘Rock The Boat’ we settled down and just took in the breath taking scenery and the fact that we could see the Himalayas!!!! So incredible and so much fun!

day 8 xxxxx
That night we headed out with Sophie to a pizza place called God Fathers! The food was amazing and we left feeling extremely stuffed! We headed to The Blues Bar again to meet our new Irish friend Graham who reminded me that the following night I had said (under the influence of alcohol) that I would get up and sing with the band!?

When I saw the band I quickly wanted to change my mind! They were sooooo good! The lead singer was like a Nepali Mick Jagger! So much stage presence, whilst the rest of the band head banged with their luscious long Nepali locks!

Well…after a bit more Dutch courage and my possy chanting my name along with the band talking me into it, I got up and sang Sweet Child of Mine! I had the time of my life! It was the best experience and the packed bar loved it! The singer then said to me ‘please can you do more!’ The poor guy was sick and had a sore throat! (as do I, I have a Nepali cold!!) So I did Adele’s Rolling In The Deep!

We had such a fun night! They wanted me to do more but I didn’t want to hog the stage so will go back tonight for round two!! It was amazing, I had people coming over just wanting to talk to me after that and shake my hand!

Literally the best night! I’m having the time of life!



The morning came around far too soon for me. After a few Gorkha Beers last night, I managed to completely miss breakfast; I decided to sit in the sun on the terrace to collect myself. Jade was already out there and we decided to go to our local, Sweet Memories for breakfast. We were met by the owner, who personally served us and enquired about last night. We all ate very quickly! 

Last night, as it was our first day off in a week, we danced and drank with the best of the Pokhara party people and immersed ourselves in the loud music and double measures! We have made a lot of new friends locally and really enjoy meeting them walking around Pokhara. None more than Sophie, who we first met on the bus ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara. She is from Highgate in London and is travelling alone here. She has just returned from a gruelling trek into the Himalayas and will be volunteering teaching English for the next 3 months.

This afternoon, we haggled over scarves on the tourist district and sat down to enjoy soft drinks, before heading back to the guest house for our weekly meeting. As we came out of the cafe, we saw a very familiar face walking just in front of us! We were all so happy to meet up with Sophie again. She was staying far away and as she had nowhere to stay in Pokhara, we brought her back with us to Bindu’s, who very kindly rented her a room for about £7.00 for the night!

day 8 xxxx
I never imagined that I would see such beauty in my life, as seeing the Himalayas from the lake in a Pokhara and I felt really happy. We all struggled to see it through the clouds!, but it was the best view in the world to me.

day 8

After our dinner of pizza and a few drinks in the Blues bar with our new friends, Graham and Sophie, Jade was invited on stage with the live band, there was so much applause and screaming from the crowd! We were all very proud of her!

One of the best days off of my life!




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