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NEPAL BLOG DAY THREE: Sunday 16th November

Today we had our induction talk with the newly trained Janice.

Janice, despite being a little nervous, handled the induction like a pro and had us in fits of laughter with some of the bits that ended up in the talk!

I don’t think you would ever imagine to hear Nepal being likened to Vegas…but that happened!  Some of the things that need to be covered are to tell volunteers to be careful when going out and to watch out for strange men! Just in case we end up married! …Just in case you are wondering where that comparison came from!

We also now know now to stay away from rafting instructors, and musicians…I think I could be in trouble on the musician front already! And that’s just back home.

After the fantastically informative induction which Janice handled like a pro, with only a few interruptions from Buttons, Sarah’s beautiful dog, we then headed to our placement for a quick introduction to the children and to see where we would be working at Ward 6.

We were told of a lot of challenges we would face at the nursery to prepare us. The children were adorable and were all greeting us with hands together and a chorus of Namaste.

We stayed for around half an hour and then went to have a quick look at the beautiful lake that Lakeside derives its name from which was stunning!


After that we jumped on a bus and made the short journey into town to go and chose materials for our Sherpa which is the traditional dress that we will wear on our first day in placement at Ward 6.


After this we returned back to base camp for a little rest and later on headed out to see the fantastic Janice sing with her band in Oxygen Bar. This made me a little itchy to get up and sing also but it’s nice to watch for a change and she was fabulous!

We’ve had another fun day of laughs and funny stories but tomorrow the real work begins at our first real day of teaching, which is going to be the real challenge!

G’night for now….Jade



Janice conducted our induction over a breakfast of toast, juice and coffee. It was her very first time presenting the information to volunteers and she was brilliant! Sarah was on hand to support her and answer any more in depth questions that we had. We learnt all about the placements that we will be working at over the next 2 weeks and talked over some of the challenges that we may face.

We left shortly afterwards for the first placement -Ward 6. The children there are all very young, from babies to about 3 or 4 years old. It was really amazing to see the little ones with their cute smiles greeting us so warmly. They were all sitting on the ground together and were so pleased to see us! The front yard consisted of a rusty slide and a broken swing set for the little ones to play on. The bleakness was a real shock to me and I just felt sad.

Afterwards, back at Bindu’s, whilst Jade and I were doing some lesson planning for the morning,  Edwina suggested that we could maybe build some new swings for Ward 6! Perhaps brighten them up with paints! Excitement has now overtaken us and we can’t wait to put the plan into action.




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