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Suite 8 Milton Keynes, £321 pws (12 months)
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Suite 314 @ Aldgate, £704pws (12 months)
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Suite 308 Watling Street, £563 pws (12 months)
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Agenda for 2014 – Business Environment’s Green Group

In 2010 Business Environment put together a team of people from across the business to look at improving the contribution the company makes towards improving the environment.

The Green Group was formed and the team quickly established a number of areas that required immediate improvement and set about establishing a robust company process for all areas that had an environmental impact.

The result of the early findings was a published policy that sought to deliver the following:

1. Sustained and improving recycling at every UK location
2. To move the group towards a zero landfill target
3. To develop practices to support Business Environment clients to recycle more
4. Introduce initiatives that made recycling easier
5. Source materials from sustainable sources
6. Reduce the use of chemicals for cleaning
7. Save energy use
8. Introduce ways charities to benefit from cleaner working practices

After 2 years the Green Group team have delivered a number of exciting policy changes and initiatives across Business Environment:

1. The Binless Office: Introduction of the Binless Office concept to encourage clients, Business Environment and partners to use recycling points in offices instead of bins under desks. The result has seen a 25% increase in recycling volumes with the UK average at 52% (based on 2009 Defra report)
2. Zero landfill Policy: zero landfill was achieved through their waste partners SWR in 2012 with Business Environment non-recycled waste now producing electricity that’s sold back to the national grid
3. Motion Sensor Lighting: Introduced motion sensor lighting at UK centres to reduce electricity use when office space is empty
4. Carbon Savings: Reduced carbon production significantly with a reduction that would allow someone to watch TV for 524 years or drive from London to Edinburgh 1,412 times
5. Chemical Use: In partnership with our cleaning company Aurora Pro Clean and provider Mayflower we have successfully reduced the number of cleaning agents we use to just 5 and each one are chemical free.

Useful Carbon Reducing facts!

1. Business Environment recycle enough waste each year to cover a football pitch
2. Save enough carbon each year equivilant to nearly 6,000 car journeys from London to Edinburgh and back
3. Or keep a kettle boiling for over 512 months
4. Or watch TV for over 2,000 years
5. Or lighting a single light bulb for 3,144 years



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