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Videoconferencing changes day-to-day functions of the Workplace

Videoconferencing leads to the speeding up of the decision process, a reduction in costs and added productivity for businesses, according to new research.

In its report, Identifying the Value of Video Collaboration: Critical Steps for Supporting Social Business, Frost & Sullivan analysed how the advances in the technology would affect companies.

It stated that interconnectivity is vitally important for allowing staff to do their jobs as accurately and efficiently as possible and videoconferencing facilitates this.

As the modern day business industry faces increased demands based on these capabilities those companies which do not embrace the culture shift will become left behind.

Melanie Turek, vice president of enterprise communications and collaboration research at Frost & Sullivan, said: “From our examination of the workplace, we found that companies adopting strategic collaboration tools now will be two to five years ahead of the competition.”

Employees of the same firm are increasingly less likely to be in the same office, perhaps not even the same city and in some cases not even the same country.

Without the need to travel videoconferencing allows firms to develop meaningful relationships with clients, which helps to reduce costs.

Top members of the team will also find that their time is better spent than sitting on a train or plane meaning savings can be achieved in various areas.

Ms Turek said: “Forward thinking organisations are seeing measurable value in advanced communications solutions that allow for true collaboration, leading to enhanced thought leadership, customer support and productivity.”

Technology has come a long way recently and has seen a massive impact on the way that people work, but it is continuing to evolve and businesses must keep in touch in order to make the most of their resources.

It is also a situation which benefits employees as those that would traditionally miss seeing their children before they go to bed because they were travelling back from a business meeting can switch off the videoconference software and enjoy their personal time.



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