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        A Better Place To Work

        Inspirational design to drive creativity

        Everything about the design and decor of our space is focused on creating an energizing professional environment. We carefully plot zones to generate the perfect ambience for the different types of working whether that be individual focused work, collaboration or a more relaxed social setting. Our Assets & Design team pride themselves on constructing unique workspaces that generate a productive, thriving community.

        Height adjustable desks

        Workspaces can differ but the demands placed on the human body are striking similar. We're not made to sit in the same position for long hours, that is why in all new developments we've installed height adjustable desks that allows you to pick a position that is right for you, anytime of the day, whatever the task.


        Biophilic Wellness

        We aim to evoke the sense of beauty from the natural world throughout our workspaces with plants and greenery. Research suggests that it can increase creativity and reduce stress, which sounds ideal to us.


        Sustainability. Making our future the cause of the present.

        Recycling points in every office, split waste bins, low energy use LED lighting, carbon-neutral server hosting, toner cartridge recycling are just a few of the things we do every day to make our offices as green as possible. Wherever possible we have installed secure cycle racks for easy access and storage.


        Stronger Business. Stronger You.

        Our in-centre gyms are kitted out with commercial quality equipment to give you a great workout without the need to leave your building. We've installed spin rooms and golf simulators to burn away the stresses of the working day.


        All work and no play??

        You work really hard and so do we, that's why from time to time we like to have some fun. Easter egg hunts, treat weeks, Christmas parties, playing major sporting events on our big screens are a few of the great ways we let off some steam and make it a great workplace.


        Fruit (as well as sweet treats!)

        Every Friday we wheel around the doughnut trolley and occasionally we'll bring in the vintage sweet shop, so it's only right we balance it out with fresh fruit and a selection of delicious healthy drinks.


        Giving back to our community

        Charity is very important to us - we've given over £1.5m to charitable causes. We try to take part in as many charitable events as possible and make it as easy as possible for you and your teams to join in. One of our most popular events is the Dragonboat Race where we enter a client-laden boat.

        In 2019 we were delighted that the Flexible Space Association presented us with an award for Community Engagement Activity for our continued work supporting Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity.

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