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What does a serviced office mean?

Check out our useful guide that explains everything you need to know about serviced offices.

The popularity of serviced offices is growing –and it’s no surprise why. We take you through what to expect from a serviced office and why people love them.

What are serviced offices?
Essentially, they are flexible term let offices where everything is provided for you from office furniture to IT connectivity, from security to coffee and tea.

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Month by month contracts
As a small business, start up or even a long-established firm, your operating situation can change regularly, whether that’s expansion following a new contract win or the need to downsize and tighten your belt. By paying on a monthly basis, you’re not tied into a long-term deal for office space. This means you only ever need to pay for the space you use.

Fully inclusive prices
Part of planning for your future is knowing how much you’re going to be spending in the future. This can be hard to pin down for any business, especially when it comes to office premises. Added costs and hidden fees can be a problem and can damage your balance sheet. But with serviced offices, your all costs should be included in the price quoted so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying. BE Offices prides itself on being exclusively all inclusive with no hidden costs to surprise you.

Flexible office space
There are a number of options when it comes to serviced offices, from single person spaces and shared suites to private offices and project spaces. This means that you will be able to find the ideal space to suit your company’s needs, instead of having to shape your company around whatever offices are available.

Coworking environments
When you share your office space with other companies you benefit from the free exchange of ideas, extra socialising and having experts on your doorstep. Working in a building alongside various other business gives an organisation access to the kind of networking opportunities you normally only see at organised events or large conferences.

Great business address
As serviced offices can be more affordable than long-term leases, it means you can afford to get an office in a great location. In big cities – especially London – your business address says a lot about your business. We’ve got serviced offices in the heart of the City of London, Canary Wharf, Paddington, Barbican and more.

Free support
If anything should go wrong with your office, getting it repaired won’t cost you the earth. In fact, it probably won’t cost you anything. Our serviced offices come with award-winning customer service, free repairs and maintenance – so if your tea bags run low or the printer breaks down someone will be there to make sure this is remedied. In addition, as our offices come with dedicated Business Centre Management Teams, you will always have a front-of-house and administration support team to call on for assistance – another weight off your mind.

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