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        38% of companies to offer mobile working

        38% of companies to offer mobile working

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          The number of firms offering mobile working as an option to staff is steadily rising with 38 per cent saying they will allow the practice in the first six months of this year.

          This is according to a study carried out by Robert Half UK, which looked into the benefits of allowing staff to work remotely, reports HR magazine.

          Increased flexibility leads to increased productivity, as staff do not waste time commuting to the office when they can do the same job from their home or a third place closer to where they live.

          Since traditional nine to five work patterns have always meant large numbers of people travelling at the same time on public transport or roads, the time taken up was also often even longer than necessary.

          Companies whose employees do not work from the office do not need such big work spaces and can cut down on the amount of space they rent.

          Estelle James, director of Robert Half UK, told the news provider: “Managers need to make sure they convey all information to remote workers, whether by phone or email. It’s easier than many think to overlook these staff when communicating actions for the whole team.”

          Flexible working has been proven as a good way to attract the best talent to a job and retain it, as some of the most qualified candidates may not wish to relocate in order to take up a new position.

          Those who use flexible working as a way to balance their work-life balance are more likely to be more focused on the task at hand as they are not worried about picking their children up or getting home in time to see their partners.

          Ms James said: “Not having co-workers to discuss ideas with could cause them to lose focus. Managers need to find ways to motivate all members of the team and help them reach their goals.”

          The possibility of being able to work from home helps to ease those in the transition back to health after an illness back into the workplace.

          Disabled staff can be accommodated more easily if flexible working is undertaken as they can work from an environment that is specially adapted for them.

          Last but not least the environmental benefits of flexible working are important as not travelling is an even better alternative to travelling under green energy as far as commuting is concerned.

          This summer is likely to see more businesses partaking in flexible and mobile working as events such as the Olympic Games put added pressure on public transport.

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