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SUITE 304 @ Royal Exchange
SUITE 304 @ Royal Exchange
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SUITE 20 @ Cheapside
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SUITE 606 @ Cheapside


CentralPoint, 45 Beech Street, London EC2Y 8AD

In the heart of the Barbican complex offering stunning views of this unique and desirable area. Prime space just yards from Barbican & Moorgate stations.

150 Minories, London EC3N 1LS

Only yards from the Lloyds building in the Insurance District, offering a great range of office space & business facilities. 6 Floors of flexible space options.

Royal Exchange
1 Royal Exchange Avenue, London EC3V 3LT

Set in a former bank, with meeting rooms in the vault space, this is a beautiful building located opposite the renowned Royal Exchange building.

St Paul’s
73 Watling Street, London EC4M 9BJ

Providing stunning views and St Pauls literally on your doorstep, this boutique business centre is unsurprisingly very popular.

Threadneedle Street
32 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AY

Share a street with the Bank of England - this is an ideal location for any Finance & banking organisations.

107 Cheapside, London EC2V 6DN

If you're looking for serviced offices Central London has a large choice but this is quite possible the best! Full wall-to-ceiling glass throughout. Must be viewed.

Choose serviced office space in the world famous City of London – home to the globe’s largest financial and banking institutions. This one of the most desirable business locations in the UK and gives your business a truly great platform to win big clients and be connected the heartbeat of the financial system.

There is a daily influx of nearly half a million workers, making it a very busy and vibrant area. This area has a number of historic buildings and sites of significant importance, with St Pauls Cathedral, The Royal Exchange, and the Bank of England to name a few…

Serviced Offices in the City of London

The Square Mile

A district is about 3 sq km or 1 sq mile positioned between Westminster, Camden, Islington, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and the Thames to the south. This business centre hub is very popular with anyone connected to the finance or banking sectors and also has a high number of publishing and legal organisations. For many companies looking for ‘Serviced Offices City of London‘ they are very specific about the postcode they want. The prestigious EC1, EC2, EC3 & EC4 office postcodes giving them exclusive access to the world’s biggest financial institutions.

The History and the Future

During the medieval period the square mile or City was the full extent of the capital. It was established as a busy trading port by Roman merchants. The industrial revolution brought rapid growth and huge prosperity, which has continued to the modern day, changing professions and becoming established as one of the leading financial locations in the world. The City continues to be one of the most important business areas not just on the UK but on the planet and shows no sign of changing. Demand for workspace in this area is on the increase let us give you a cost effective solution to give your business a platform for growth.

Why choose the City of London?

Not just a fantastic place to work, the City has a vibrant cultural heart offering museums, galleries and the Arts at the renowned Barbican Centre, and also some of the best restaurants in London. A very sociable area City of London office space benefits from a wide choice of  pubs and bars so there is always a great place to enjoy a drink with colleagues and friends after work. We have some of the best serviced offices London has to offer and they’re always located near major transport links and quality eateries. Find out why we’ve won ‘Business Centre of the Year’ more times than anyone else!

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