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        We make IT happen

        Dedicated 10Gb Internet Pipes

        We only offer dedicated 1:1 uncontended connectivity. Whilst others may work with shared bandwidth provisions, we firmly believe that you should never have to battle with other users for bandwidth. You can rest assured that your rapid connection speed is not impacted by other clients in your building.

        Like buffering? Thought not.

        That's why we've installed a minimum of 1Gb pipes at all our centres meaning we're never short of capacity to deliver super-fast speeds. Feel free to test us when you come for a viewing...


        Robust Back-up Lines

        Industry-leading speed is fantastic but what happens when there is an outage? Well at our centres nothing noticeable happens - the system automatically flips to our 100Mb back-up lines so you can continue working seemlessly.

        Our failover system is quicker than most primary circuits! As part of Service Excellence Guarantee we commit to have an engineer engaged within 30 minutes of any fault, on the rare occasion there is one.


        Multi-line VOIP Phones

        Our hosted digital telephone systems offer crystal clear communication for the modern office worker. It's a highly sophisticated solution for your team, with full call management capabilities installed on every desk INCLUDED as part of your office package at no extra charge.

        Free calls for everyone! We don't sneak hidden extras on to your monthly bill, in fact we try to include everything we can. You get a very generous free call allowance with every desk you take with us, and in the unlikely event you exceed this, our charges are rock-bottom BT business rates.


        Personalised Door Screens & Access Control

        It's your office, not ours. That's why we put your logo outside your door. As you walk through our centres you'll see a thriving community of companies from all sectors with many winning new business from fellow clients.

        You get 24/7 secure swipe card access. Unsurprisingly we take security very seriously; as well as manned guarding at most centres we have smart access control to every area of every building.


        Live Monitoring

        It is of no benefit to have the best infrastructure in the industry without the supervision to ensure that everything is constantly working as it should. We have the latest automated monitoring systems and, just as importantly, a team of system analysts constantly checking performance.

        We aim to detect problems before they happen. All technology has downtime but we pride ourselves on fixing issues before they even register with our clients.


        Smart Tech

        The customer experience is crucial for us - it's our USP! We like to put a smile on your face whether that be from the latest gym equipment to hi-tech coffee machines. Our smart tech printers are some of the best on market, and with our list of contacts we can help you source pretty much any devices or systems you need.

        As well as smart we're also sustainable, with all our data being hosted on carbon-neutral servers.


        Pre-Sales Support & 24hr IT Hotline

        We are committed to building you a network that can integrate both current and future technology to provide you with an efficient and relevant service. Prior to your move-in, our in-house IT support team are on hand to provide expert advice and ensure your requirements are met.

        Your centre team are trained in basic technical trouble-shooting, but they are also supported by a dedicated and centralised I.T. team for wider concerns, consisting of fully qualified data comms engineers and senior network administrators.

        24-hour I.T. help line: 07885 890 131

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