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        Superfoods to boost productivity at work

        Superfoods to boost productivity at work

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          Did you know, your diet can impact how you perform during the working day? The old saying, “You are what you eat,” is true, as some foods make you feel tired, while others leave you revitalised.

          Everyone should include certain high energy foods in their diet to help boost productivity.

          Most office workers have experienced the mid-afternoon lull, when enthusiasm and alertness fade, to be replaced by feelings of drowsiness and fuzzy headedness. Studies show more than half of UK workers experience a dip in energy after lunch. A poll of 2,000 employees by food brand LU revealed they usually felt tired, unmotivated and sluggish for between one and two hours, starting at any time between 1.30 pm and 2.40 pm.

          There are various common solutions, with 32% of people grabbing a coffee and 30% going for a brief walk. Around one-fifth of office workers splash their face with cold water, while other suggestions include having a chat with a colleague or taking a screen break and making a phone call instead.

          However, eating a healthy diet full of superfoods has been identified by scientists, nutrition experts and health professionals as being beneficial to our wellbeing. It can stop the mid-afternoon lull from happening in the first place.

          According to research published by the World Health Organisation, eating a healthy diet can increase productivity and brain power by as much as 20%, so superfood benefits should be taken seriously.

          We’re going to provide an insight into the foods that can make you more productive at work and how they can help you overcome lethargy.


          Rich in antioxidants and high in fibre, berries are considered a superfood because they are good for improving the memory. In fact, scientific research suggests they can even help to stave off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in the future. The darker the fruit, the better its antioxidant properties tend to be.

          A 12-week study of people aged between 50 and 65 who said their memory was deteriorating suggested eating strawberries every morning, or drinking them in a smoothie, improved their memory, learning abilities and problem-solving skills.

          Dark chocolate

          If you’ve ever joked that “chocolate is good for you,” this might not be so unlikely after all! Dark chocolate not only satisfies a sweet tooth, but it can also enhance our mental focus because of its high caffeine content.

          Studies have revealed it’s a good snack food to give you energy when tired, which can help you to focus on a task. Dark chocolate also contains magnesium, which is known for relieving stress. However, don’t use this knowledge as an excuse to overindulge on chocolate, as one-quarter of an average sized bar is enough to boost your energy and prevent a slump.


          All fruit is good for you, but avocados in particular act as a stimulant to keep the blood flowing in a consistent way around the brain and heart.

          This is the key to productivity, according to advice published on WebMD, which suggests eating one avocado daily is a tasty way of getting fired up, feeling stimulated and improving focus.


          Eating a fatty species of fish, like salmon, means you’re consuming a high concentration of omega-3 acids that are believed to improve performance and memory function. Studies have also found they can help to alleviate depression, which is known to hamper productivity in the workplace.

          Research published on revealed how patients with depression had added omega-3 to their regular diet and treatment plan. They believed it had “significantly helped” to alleviate their condition.

          Foods to boost productivity


          Eating just a handful of nuts at regular intervals throughout the day provides a great source of protein, vitamin E and amino acids. These substances give us a natural boost in memory and brain performance.

          Nutrition experts suggest almonds and walnuts are among the top varieties to boost productivity. If you’re sitting at a desk, always keep a bag of nuts in your drawer as an alternative snack to unhealthy options.

          Green tea

          Boost your energy naturally with green tea, which doesn’t produce any side-effects. Green tea is made in several ways, including using a whole leaf to make a brew, or submerging many leaves in a pot of hot water to enhance the flavour.

          This will provide your body with polyphenols and fibre, as well as offering antioxidant qualities.


          Water isn’t a food, but it’s crucial to drink plenty of it for improving productivity at work, as every bodily function depends on water to help us operate efficiently.

          Our natural supplies of water gradually decrease during the day, leading to dehydration in serious cases, which means bodily functions such as the brain won’t work properly.

          Keep drinking it throughout the working day to keep topped up. If you don’t, bodily functions will suffer, and you’ll become sluggish.

          Healthy smoothies

          If you’re not a fan of eating berries and other fruit, try drinking a healthy smoothie every morning to get on the right track. These beverages are simple to make and highly nutritious if you add the correct ingredients.

          Add fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, kiwi, citrus fruits and any others that you enjoy and turn them into a healthy blend using an electric smoothie-maker.

          The beauty of smoothies is that you can take one ready-made into the office and pop it in the fridge until your break or keep a smoothie-maker in your office kitchen and make a fresh one at lunchtime.

          Take a break

          Take a break at work if you start feeling tired and struggle to remain motivated.

          When you work in a serviced office, it’s easy to take a break from your desk with a healthy snack to improve motivation whenever you feel the need. Even if you’re busy and feel like you don’t have time, make time, as the energy you feel when you return to your desk will make you far more productive.

          Working at BE Offices’ serviced office in London means benefiting from our monthly food events, wellbeing brunches and even a build-your–own bagel bar, all of which are extremely popular!


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