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Suite 610 @ 150 Minories – £450 pws (12 months)
Suite 610 @ 150 Minories – £450 pws (12 months)
Suite 221 @ 83 Victoria St, Victoria, £449pws (12 month contract)
Suite 221 @ 83 Victoria St, Victoria, £449pws (12 month contract)
Suite 308 @ SoanePoint, Reading – £299 pm (12 months)
Suite 308 @ SoanePoint, Reading – £299 pm (12 months)

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Jun 22nd 2017

Focus on… accountants

Continuing our regular feature focusing on the most popular small business types, we take a closer look at the role of accountants.What do they do?
Small accounting firms often handle the books for other small businesses. This can mean managing ...

Jun 20th 2017

Pros and cons of being a sole trader

Setting up as a sole trader is at once immensely rewarding and challenging – here we look at both sides of the coin. A sole trader is pretty much what it sounds like – a single person running their own company. Unlike, say freelancers, a sole ...

Jun 13th 2017

Things you need to do before leaving a job

Just because you’re on your way out of the door, doesn’t mean you’ve not got plenty of tasks to tick off your to-do list… You’ve been offered your dream job and have handed in your notice. You’ve now got a set number of weeks left before ...

Jun 06th 2017

6 fridge-sharing rules for a happy office

If you work in an office with a number of colleagues or even other companies, it may be necessary to lay down the law when it comes to your communal fridge… Communal spaces are common in modern offices, be it break out space or somewhere everyone ...

May 30th 2017

How to make quick decisions in the office

In the business world, making quick decisions can be vital to keep ahead of the competition and move your company forward. But it can be easier said than done. Whether you’re a CEO, line manager or work on the front line of a business, you’ll ...

May 26th 2017

Client Informed Newsletter May 2017 – Coffee Break Answers Page

The May edition of the BE Offices and &Offices client newsletter is out now. Please see below for the answers to our coffee break puzzles and brain teasers. SudokuHidatoCrossword  Brain Teasers
What’s The Missing Word? ...

May 25th 2017

Focus on… recruitment consultants

In the second of BE Offices’ new regular feature focusing on popular small business enterprises we take a look at recruitment consultants; the state of the industry and the challenges faced What do they do?
Recruitment consultants are brought ...

May 23rd 2017

Learning to say ‘yes’ as a small business manager

Small businesses are a risky undertaking, which can push managers towards hesitant and negative decision making. But learning to say ‘yes’ can help your business in a number of ways… Things move fast in the business world these days. ...

May 16th 2017

How to create office smoking guidelines

With World No Tobacco Day on May 31, we take a closer look at office smoking guidelines and how to help people put it out at work. World No Tobacco Day aims to get people across the world to stop smoking for a day. As part of the day, we take a look at creating ...

May 11th 2017

Focus on… management consultants

BE Offices starts its new regular focus on the most common small businesses in the UK. This week, we take a look at management consultants. As part of new fortnightly series, BE Offices focuses on some of the UK’s most popular small businesses. ...

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