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Suite 602 @ Threadneedle Street – 2 MONTH RENT FREE
Suite 602 @ Threadneedle Street – 2 MONTH RENT FREE
Suite 13.02 & 14.02 @ Paddington – 1 MONTH FREE on a 12 month licence
Suite 13.02 & 14.02 @ Paddington – 1 MONTH FREE on a 12 month licence
Suite 110 @ Royal Exchange – 2 MONTHS RENT FREE
Suite 110 @ Royal Exchange – 2 MONTHS RENT FREE

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Mar 28th 2017

How to get a reply from your client

If you’re getting the cold shoulder from a client or customer, then you could try these tactics to get the conversation flowing again… Dealing with clients and customers can often be an uphill struggle, as you try to meet their demands. ...

Mar 23rd 2017

Students and the environment benefit from BE Charity Days

Two BE Offices employees were in action on volunteering missions this week, one at a secondary school careers fair, the other at the Greenwich Meantime Plant Nursery. Taking advantage of BE Offices’ “Charity Days” scheme,  ...

Mar 23rd 2017

Why your mum would make a good boss

This Mother’s Day we take a look at whether your mum would make a good boss or not. Family businesses are still common even in this day and age, with mothers, fathers, sons and daughters all taking various roles. These tend to have an organic ...

Mar 20th 2017

Frances uses BE Charity Day to volunteer as part of Fairtrade Fortnight

Since 2011 BE Offices has offered a “Charity Days” scheme for all its personnel with every staff member given three days per year paid leave to work for a charity of their choice.Fairtrade Fortnight has recently finished, a celebration ...

Mar 14th 2017

5 affordable benefits to attract new workers

As a small business it’s important to attract the best staff. And while you might not be able to afford expensive perks like on-site gyms, there are a number of benefits you can provide for your team at a low cost. Workplace benefits and perks ...

Mar 13th 2017

Half UK voters believe EU will collapse if France elects a right wing government YouGov poll reveals

Almost half of UK voters believe that the European Union will collapse if France votes in a right-wing Government later this year that takes the country out of the EU, according to a YouGov poll conducted on behalf of BE Offices. The survey polled ...

Mar 07th 2017

5 things from the Mobile World Congress that could change your workplace

The annual tech event has a number of new innovations and updates of current technology that could impact your business in the future… The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the biggest gathering and showcase for technology companies. And while ...

Mar 06th 2017

Sexism and gender discrimination continue to hold women back in the workplace, concludes survey by BE Offices

Women continue to suffer sexism and gender discrimination in the workplace despite legislation and decades of so called change, concludes a survey into how they are treated in the work environment. As the organisers of International Women’s ...

Feb 28th 2017

New changes to late payments could boost SMEs

We look at the new changes coming into force that could help reduce the burden of late payments on small businesses… Measures are being introduced to tackle the poor payment culture in the UK that is costing the economy billions and is having ...

Feb 21st 2017

Does discrimination reduce workplace productivity?

Workplace discrimination is still worryingly common in the UK – and it could be having a damaging effect on your office’s productivity. Discrimination in the workplace can take many forms, from favouring people of a certain race to women ...

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