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Giving Back

BE Offices have worked with many charities for a number of years and are proud to have donated over £1.5m.

Our chosen charity is Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity but we are delighted to work with a range of good causes. Supporting our local communities, developing our people and helping good causes move forward is and always has been one of our core beliefs. Some the of good work we do every year is listed below.


We have taken part in the Great City Race for many years, it is one of the various events we do to raise money for charity. There’s too many to list but another team favourite is the The Paddington Dragonboat Race, raising funds for COSMIC (Children of St. Mary’s Intensive Care).

Dragonboat Race in Paddington Basin


In 2011 we launched “Charity Days” for our team members. Each employee is given three days paid leave to work for a charity of their choice. From volunteering at a food bank to lending careers advice to students, we are donating hundreds hours of time this year.

Employee Charity Days



Being Green isn’t just something we add to our agenda, it’s part of the fabric of working for BE and in our centres. We are the majority of the way through a multi-million-pound project to install energy efficient lighting throughout our entire portfolio and have just switched the electricity supplier to 15 of our centres, to one who uses only renewable sourced energy.

We’re unique in the fact that we have our own in-house project team, The Green Group, who are challenged with making every one of our processes greener, more energy efficient and better for the environment. They have driven initiatives such as the binless office, cycle to work scheme, carbon neutral hosting servers, and bike rack installations at centres. Follow us @teamgreennow

The Green Group


Ever year we send two very lucky members of our team on a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience to help in less fortunate areas of the world. Our volunteers have helped on projects in Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand and most recently reef conservation in Belize. Keep an eye out on our blog for the daily updates when the trips are running.

Charity Days



We sponsor many local events and sports team and firmly believe in making a difference to our communities wherever we can.

Team Sponsorship

Mar 14th 2019

Focus on managers: Who would make the best boss in The Good Place?

When it comes to the afterlife, you’d hope there wouldn’t be anyone bossing you around. But if you had to choose in this life, who do you think would make the best boss from TV show The Good Place… Eleanor, Michael, Jason, Chidi, Janet or Tahani? ...

Jun 14th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 10 – Reduce, reuse, recycle

In previous blog posts I have talked about the different projects that ReefCI are working on, but during our time here it has become evident that there is a great deal to be said about the running of the island itself. ReefCI want to lead by example ...

Jun 13th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 9 – She sells sea shells on the sea shore

*Tip: coffee can worsen sea sickness, so if it’s particularly choppy or if you suffer with it badly avoid it altogether  just before getting on the boat.Tuesday was conch dive day, our job for one of the dives would be to find out the number ...

Jun 13th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 8 – back to Tom Owen’s Caye

Another week in the office…. well on a desert island in the middle of the Caribbean! Monday morning Victoria and I had breakfast at a local cafe and went to the Hokey Pokey Water Taxi rank to meet the returning volunteers and new recruits. ...

Jun 12th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Weekend – Mayan ruins and torrential rain!

After a week on the reef our travellers returned to the mainland for the weekend and some recreational time off…… We went to some Mayan ruins on Saturday which were incredible, it was so interesting to learn about their history and the ...

Jun 09th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 5 – batten down the hatches!

*Tip: When it rains, it pours on the island and you had better make sure you leave nothing on the washing line when it does as it may well not be there in the morning! Thursday started as the previous two days had done, a pre-dive snack at 6.30 followed ...

Jun 08th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 4 – Midweek madness – crash bang whallop!

*Tip: when diving or snorkelling, don’t touch anything and keep your limbs away from the coral. Many species of coral are venomous in order to protect them from predators. Pretty to look at, not to touch. Bad things come in threes so they ...

Jun 07th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 3 – Tuesday…food bell and lionfish!

Tip: the bell is the most important sound on the island, it means gather in the living area. Everyone loves hearing it at 8am, 1pm and 7pm, because that means food is ready! The day starts early on Tom Owens Caye, there is coffee, fruit and snacks ...

Jun 07th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 2 – There’s no hot water tap in island life!

Tip: try to be the first to shower in the evening, not because the water will run out if you’re the last, but because the top of the rainwater tank will have been heated by the sun and that’s the water that leaves the tank first. After ...

Jun 05th 2018

Belize 2018 volunteer trip – Day 1 – planes, trains and automobiles… oh and golf buggies too!

2 tube rides, 3 flights, 4 shuttle bus journeys, a golf buggy ride and a boat trip later and we’ve finally made it to the island! No, not Love Island, Tom Owens Caye! After three days of sitting on multiple modes of transport, Victoria and ...

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Some of our charities
Ray of Sunshine Charity
Parkinsons Charity
Variety Childrens Charity
Wear It Pink Charity


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