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        5 alternative office Christmas party ideas

        5 alternative office Christmas party ideas

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          Learn how to host the ultimate office Christmas party with these suggestions for food, drink, entertainment and more!

          The weather outside might be frightful, but with the long slog of the year almost over now’s the time to celebrate your team’s hard work with a fantastic festive party!

          Celebrating Christmas in office.

          But instead of the usual offerings, why not liven things up this year with some of these excellent alternative ideas for your Christmas party…?

          Festive foodie fun
          Everyone loves food, but instead of sticking to the tired old spread of sandwiches and sausage rolls, why not spice things up with some fancy street food? These days, you can hire a company to come into your office and share more interesting party foods, like Vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches or sushi. Some of them will even send their own chefs who can teach you how to make it yourself. Just make sure everyone can join in by remembering any dietary requirements.

          Cocktail classes
          Even if not everyone drinks alcohol, learning how to make a cracking cocktail (virgin or not) is a great way for colleagues to bond and get to know one another. Mixologists can be hired to come into your office and provide all you’ll need for a cocktail masterclass. Whether you make a Christmas-themed drink or a classic beach-ready tipple, your team will be able to impress friends and family alike with their newfound drinks knowledge.

          Puppy power
          The holidays can be a demanding time as everyone scrambles to meet their pre-Christmas deadlines, so why not help everyone in the office de-stress with a bit of puppy power? Therapy dogs and their handlers can be invited to the office for a puppy party, where employees pet and play with their new four-legged friends. Studies suggest people feel calmer and have lower blood pressure around animals, so this might be the perfect antidote to a stressful lead up to Christmas.

          Cosy Christmas
          For a more low-key Christmassy gathering, transform your office into the ultimate cosy Christmas grotto. Set up a projector in the meeting room, scatter some comfy floor cushions and turn your office into a Christmas movie hangout spot! Let your colleagues choose which movie to watch and stock up on some feel-good festive snacks and mulled wine. To mix things up, you could even get some board games in and run some friendly competitions with yuletide goodies as prizes!

          Cheeky ceremonies
          As it’s the time for giving, show your office mates how much you appreciate them with a tongue-in-cheek awards ceremony. Make some silly awards for “Office Jokester”, “Eternally Late”, “Corporate Jargon” and “Best Tea Maker” and have an office vote to decide who gets to win. If you want to go all out, you could have a fake red carpet (keeping it Christmassy!) and set up a photo booth with festive props and twinkly lights for award attendees.




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