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        5 predictions on the future for flexible office space in 2023

        5 predictions on the future for flexible office space in 2023

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          By 2023, the flexible office space market is predicted to be even more in demand than it is today, with a variety of new offerings available to meet the needs of businesses and their staff.

          We spoke to Nick Riesel from to ask him for five of his key predictions on how the market will look in 2023. He shared with us these thoughts:

          1. Decline in hybrid working

          The pandemic saw companies move from five days a week in an office to complete remote working when lockdown was enforced. As the move back into the office began, hybrid working became popular which allowed for a better work-life balance. However, many companies have started to shun hybrid after reporting a reduction in productivity leading to companies such as twitter and a number of banks insisting staff come back to the office. This trend is expected to continue with smaller organisations following suit.

          2. Expansion of coworking spaces

          With a recession now upon us, many staff could be facing redundancy as seen in the last recession, which I expect will result in a sharp increase in one person start-ups taking initial advantage of coworking space before eventually moving into their own private offices. Coworking space can also be popular for large companies that don’t need their own private space and are looking to take advantage of more economical rental offerings.

          3. Expansion in staff wellness amenities

          As more companies return full time to the office, we can expect to see an increase in demand for breakout areas, gyms, wellness rooms, community events and phone booths, among other features. There will be a big focus on attracting and retaining top talent so an environment that enables staff to feel more relaxed and engaged at work will prove invaluable. Many providers will understand this and look to utilise underused space in their centres to capitalise on this.

          4. More environmentally friendly design and practices

          As concerns over the environment continue to grow, we can expect to see more environmentally friendly design and practices in flexible office spaces. This may include increased use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient infrastructures and eco-friendly policies. These measures will not only help to reduce the carbon footprint of the workspace, but they will also improve the overall health and wellbeing of employees.

          5. Increased take up of tailored space

          Given the individual needs of larger companies who will be seeking flexible office space as an alternative to leased space, we should expect to see a rise in tailored office packages for large requirements. These packages allow for a hybrid model between leased and serviced space where many services will be included but on a longer rental period with a more tailored approach. A fully bespoke solution inside the space can include the sourcing, fitting out and managing of the space for a client.

          If you’re looking for a flexible office solution for your company, give our team at BE Offices a call now and we can show you our different solutions.


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