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        5 reasons why business automation is great for businesses and their employees

        5 reasons why business automation is great for businesses and their employees

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          When people hear the word “automation”, self-driving cars, electronic home assistants (hello Alexa!) and robots taking over jobs generally spring to mind. But here are some reasons why business automation is hugely beneficial to employees and businesses alike.

          Do your employees flinch whenever business automation (sometimes known as business process automation, or BPA) is mentioned? Studies have shown that 35% of Britons are concerned about the future of their jobs due to the rise of automated process. But rather than scary, automation can make employees’ lives easier – and be great for business. Here’s why:

          1. Automation makes everything speedier
          No matter what industry you work in, there are plenty of processes you need to go through before a project can be completed. Some of these are tedious, repetitive, and take far longer than they should.

          Business process management and automation concept with icons of hiring workflow, document validation, information in connected gear cogs, businessman touching screen

          By introducing automation tools to take on these time-consuming processes, each stage of a project can be signed off much quicker – so the whole project is completed swiftly and smoothly.

          2. Nothing gets lost
          Think of all the emails you have to scroll tirelessly through during projects, keeping track of every detail. Think of the panic that ensues when one small detail, which is crucial for the success of the entire proposal, is overlooked or forgotten. With automation tools, you needn’t worry.

          Business automation technology can be configured to save and file every nugget of information, so nothing gets lost during the work process. Everything can be easily accessed, and there’s no need for blame games when things don’t go according to plan.

          3. Employees have chance to grow and develop
          It’s true that automation tools are likely to take over some jobs previously done by humans – usually simple, repetitive and mindless tasks.

          But there’s no need for employees to fret: with computer technology taking over the drudge work, it leaves space for employees to grow and develop, focusing on areas of the business that need human thinking. Employers can concentrate on training current staff, so they can expand their repertoire within the company, and avoid spending time going through hiring rigmaroles.

          Investing in training and support for employees during this transition is a great way of showing employees how valuable they are to the business.

          4. Costs are kept low
          With machines taking on tedious tasks and churning out results far faster than if done manually, productivity is given a huge boost. Employees’ time won’t be tied up in these lengthy tasks and as time is money, costs will be kept lower.

          5. Communication lines are opened
          When information is stored on a range of different platforms, it’s difficult to keep track of where it is, which makes it harder to answer questions and stay up-to-date.

          By introducing automation tools that include collaboration platforms, however, information becomes easily accessible which in turn makes every step of the project transparent, between colleagues, management and clients.

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