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        5 steps to a more productive workplace

        5 steps to a more productive workplace

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          A more productive workplace equals a more productive workforce and will drastically improve the quality and quantity of work your employees produce.

          Here are five easy ways to create a more productive workplace.

          1. Let there be light
          No access to natural light can have significantly detrimental effects on your workers’ health and wellbeing by throwing their circadian rhythms out of sync, which may lead to sleep disorders; causing their productivity to stagnate.

          Something as simple as opening the blinds in the office can have a major positive impact. It’s not just the vitamin D that makes a difference, as a recent study shows that workers with an interesting view of the outdoors show a 10%-16% performance increase than those without.

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          2. Get techy
          The classic desk setup of a PC and monitor might be the office basic, but supplying another monitor is a great idea. A 2005 study by Microsoft Research shows that a dual-monitor setup can increase productivity between 9%-50%. You can also use cloud-based technology to make projects and targets easily accessible to all your staff, and this becomes especially useful if you operate out of more than one office.

          There’s also plenty of software out there that can help you streamline digital workspaces, resulting in less window-switching and a calm and efficient workforce.

          3. Food is fuel
          Scrapping the biscuit tin in favour of a fruit bowl may be the first idea in many an employer’s head, however each person has different tastes and while having healthy treats may improve performance, a selection of the two can please everyone for very little cost.

          You should also review your office fridge policy – throw out everything that’s not fresh on a Friday, as foul odours may be distracting, plus one mouldy item contaminating everyone’s food could cause the whole office to call in sick.

          4. Standing room
          There are loads of office furniture options and different people will swear by different things, from exercise balls to traditional office chairs. However, something as simple as offering standing desks can completely revamp your workplace dynamic.

          Standing requires effort and raises the heart rate slightly, meaning your staff are “active” and consequently more engaged with their work. Options are key here, as standing isn’t for everyone, so having a combination of traditional desks, standing desks and collaboration tables will keep your employees happy and productive.

          5. Go green
          Going green isn’t just down to whether you’re recycling or not. According to a study by Exeter University, placing plants in view of everyone when they’re at their regular workstation has been proven to stimulate the mind emotionally and creatively, helping to increase concentration and productivity.

          Plants will literally breathe life into your workplace by significantly improving the air quality, too.


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