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        5 things businesses can do to support their communities

        5 things businesses can do to support their communities

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          Amid growing concern around the cost of living crisis, together with issues such as social inequality and the environment, the corporate world needs to accelerate their social impact measures now more than ever before.

          For many companies, it has never been more important to play a significant, positive role in their local and wider communities. With more and more people in need, businesses have the opportunity to really make a difference, particularly at this time of year.

          If your company is looking for ways to help the local community, here are some good ways to do it…

          Donate to local causes

          Giving money to local charities is one of the quickest and easiest ways to put something back into your community.

          Small, regular contributions to a group that does good work in your area can make a real difference, or alternatively you could encourage employees to donate unwanted items for sale to raise money for local organisations.

          Get involved in events

          The involvement of local businesses can give charitable events a valuable boost and increase their potential to generate funds for the community and good causes.

          Participation can be financial or practical, a donation of funds or a prize, or indeed lending staff to support an event in person. Donating people’s time can be equally as valuable to many charities.

          Encourage volunteering

          Encouraging your employees to do some volunteering can provide valuable help to organisations that need it, but also improves people’s sense of achievement and work/life balance.

          Some companies give their staff a designated amount of paid time off annually to take part in volunteering activities, benefiting everyone involved.

          Use your expertise

          If your business specialises in a particular skill or service that will be of interest to others, why not use this to provide some advantages for your local community? BE Offices’ sustainability lead uses her experience to volunteer as a trustee for an environmental charity as well as supporting a local community in the decarbonisation of their community buildings.

          Buy and hire locally

          If you want to provide a tangible boost to the economy in your area, one of the best things to do is to start locally when you are looking to employ people or purchase the products and services you need to do business.

          Buying locally supports other companies in your region, while leaving reviews and participating in events like Small Business Saturday can also make a big difference.


          Image Courtesy of: Rawpixel on Unsplash

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