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        5 ways coronavirus has reshaped company culture

        5 ways coronavirus has reshaped company culture

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          As the economy attempts to recover from coronavirus, we ask how the pandemic will shape business for years to come.

          Compassionate leaders, a stronger bond between colleagues and healthier staff. We consider the different ways coronavirus will influence the corporate world…

          More compassionate leaders
          Managers have had to adapt to a wide range of pandemic-related problems to ensure the success of their business. However, the current crisis has shown that leaders must balance smart business decisions with emotional intelligence too. Managers who have taken the time to check in on their staff have noticed a marked improvement in their morale. Bosses who continue to empathise with their teams will reap the rewards of a happier workforce.

          Improved customer relations
          Consumer spending habits have dramatically changed in a matter of months, triggering businesses to start conversations with their customers and adapt their offering. The dialogue between companies and their customers is bound to continue as firms attempt to better understand their clients’ needs. Most importantly, businesses will value their loyal patrons more than ever and do everything they can to reassure them that standards will remain high, even at the most uncertain of times.

          Renewed focus on employee wellbeing
          Our health has been in the spotlight like never before and businesses will continue to keep the wellbeing of their staff high on their agenda. Office hygiene will take on a new importance and some well-prepared workspaces (such as BE Offices) will even help detect illnesses using heat mapping cameras. Mental health services will also become increasingly important to help manage future stressful periods.

          Stronger team relationships
          Working from home has given many of us a better understanding of our colleagues’ lives away from the office. Whether it’s kids wandering into the background of video calls or conversations about adapting to the new normal, our relationships have been boosted by the insights we’ve shared. Teams who have worked together through the crisis will enjoy an improved sense of camaraderie with the benefits extending to clients too.

          Renewed sense of purpose
          Coronavirus has shaken company culture at its foundations, inspiring businesses to rethink their core values. Companies have had to recognise their strengths and redefine their purpose to better serve others. Conscientious consumers are keen to support firms that make a difference and businesses that deliver on their promises will fare particularly well in the future.


          Image credits: Chansom pantip via iStock & CentralITAlliance via iStock


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