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        5 ways to add a bit of ‘BE’ to your home office

        5 ways to add a bit of ‘BE’ to your home office

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          Whilst we can’t deliver doughnuts to your door or send a shoe shiner round to make sure your footwear is in top condition, we can give you some ideas about how to add a bit of ‘BE’ to your work from home routine.

          1. Light
          Make sure your at-home workspace has plenty of light coming in. A bright and airy home office, even when it’s just for one person, can help boost productivity, something which people usually struggle to maintain if they aren’t used to working from home. Studies have also linked working in natural light with better sleep, better overall health and a happier worker.

          2. Cleaning
          Try to ensure you maintain a tidy desk and workspace. Usually, you would see our daily, in-house cleaning team keeping things spick and span around your centre, but for now this will be you, so try to tidy your work surface each day to avoid working in clutter.

          3. Fresh fruit
          You might be missing your daily free apples at the office. Keeping up a healthy diet whilst at home can be tricky with your fridge and snack cupboard within easy reach, but make sure you try to get your daily intake of fruit before reaching for the biscuits. Perhaps next time you brave the supermarket you can pick up some citrus fruits which are great for helping to boost your immune system when you are feeling peckish.

          4. Take regular breaks
          The hours in the day can run away with you when you’re working from home and that isn’t always a good thing. Perhaps you were a regular user of our breakout spaces. Make sure you build regular breaks into your day to give your eyes a break from the screen; to stretch your legs; and to keep yourself motivated and productive throughout the day. Whilst bean-to-cup coffee might not be possible at home, getting up to boil the kettle can be the perfect way to build mini breaks into your day.

          5. Daily exercise
          The days of popping down to your in-centre gym might be temporarily on hold but there has seldom been a better time to explore the plethora of online workout resources to keep yourself fit. The beauty of many ‘at home’ workout videos is that you need little more than a small bit of outside space or a living room to get your daily dose of fitness before, during or after work.

          Whilst we all miss our actual BE office, we hope these 5 tips will help you on your way to building in a little bit of normality into your working from home routine.



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