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        5 ways to make your office eco-friendly – while saving money

        5 ways to make your office eco-friendly – while saving money

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          Helping the environment while trying to keep operational costs down can be difficult. But there are ways…

          Running a UK office involves considerable energy and expense. Research conducted by Make it Cheaper found that 49% of business owners spend over £1,000 on their monthly energy bills, while a fifth don’t know how much they spend on gas and electric.

          But what if you could save money and help the environment? Here are 5 easy ways to make your office greener…

          1. Choose new energy suppliers
          If you’ve been with the same energy supplier for years, you might be stuck on an outdated tariff and paying more than you need. Changing supplier could be an easy way to reduce your energy bills.

          Make it Cheaper’s research shows that 1 in 8 business owners have never changed their energy provider. People often think that switching to a new supplier is too much of a hassle, but all you really need is a meter reading and some basic details.

          Help the environment whilst keeping costs down


          When researching new suppliers, look at ones with the greenest credentials as well.

          2. Close the windows
          When it starts getting a bit stuffy in the office, our first instinct is to open the window for some fresh air. But if you’ve got an automatic air conditioning system, all you’re doing is making it work harder – and cost more.

          Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature and let the system do its work without interference.

          3. Reduce energy use
          It’s really easy to significantly cut the amount of power you’re using on a daily basis. Leaving devices on standby is a huge waste of energy. When you leave the office, make sure everything is properly turned off, and change computer setting to power down instead of using screensavers.

          Using energy saving light bulbs can also make a difference. LED bulbs are much more energy efficient and last a lot longer than normal bulbs.

          4. Get smart
          Smart tech doesn’t just make your life easier – it’s also a simple way to become eco-friendlier. Implementing light sensors, smart energy meters and remote heating controls may require a small expense initially, but will soon cut your energy consumption.

          Instead of lights being left on, they’ll only come on when needed. When there’s an unseasonably hot day, you can adjust the heating from wherever you are.

          And monitoring your usage with a smart meter means you can see exactly where you’re saving energy and money, as well as giving more accurate bills.

          5. Go paperless
          Going 100% paperless can be a daunting prospect, but cutting down on the amount of paper just needs a few small changes.

          Try reading more onscreen rather than printing, incorporate meeting agendas into presentations rather than using handouts, set the default print setting to double-sided, and use recycled paper products where possible.


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