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        6 tricks to freshen up your workplace

        6 tricks to freshen up your workplace

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          Transform your workspace with some of these quick and easy tips that will breathe new life into your office.

          They say a change is as good as a rest, and as most of us don’t have the luxury of taking a rest from office life, why not try changing things up a little?

          It doesn’t take a massive makeover. We’ve put together some quick and easy tips to transform your office into the workplace you want.

          Keep your desks organised
          Why not start with something easy by clearing up your desk? Our desks often get cluttered with stuff we barely ever use – let alone on daily basis – so file away the things you need to keep and toss the stuff you don’t. Desk organisers and tidies can help – just don’t forget the golden rule: keep only what you need at arm’s length.

          Creative space with house plans on the desk

          OK, so the building management might have something to say if you start painting the walls cerulean, inspired by your recent trip to the Greek Islands. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some touches of colour to the workplace. Try some bright office accessories, colourful furniture, or even some removable wall-coverings.

          Bring nature inside
          What better way to break up some of the indoor monotony of the workplace than a taste of the great outdoors? While we wouldn’t recommend taking in a pet squirrel, some well-chosen houseplants could be a great addition to any office. And why not add colour and nature by choosing some mini citrus trees?

          Find your best light
          Lighting isn’t just useful when you’re trying to take the perfect Instagram selfie, it’s also important when it comes to creating the ideal working environment. If you’re office is dank and dingy then why not re-think your window blind situation or add a few stand-up lamps. Different lighting can also help when it comes to emphasising various spaces in the office, such as an intimate meeting area, or a lively break-out space.

          Compartmentalise your space
          Following on from lighting, a good way to breathe new life into your workplace is to mix things up by compartmentalising your spaces. Instead of having everything in one space, why not create a separate meeting area, break-out space, and lunch area to help your colleagues focus better. Bookcases can be great room separators while also adding some much-needed storage space.

          Treat yourselves
          OK, so this isn’t strictly a decoration tip, but introducing treats into the office can still mix things up in a positive manner. Why not try a treats rota so each week a different person takes charge of bringing in some nibbles or drinks for the office? This can be a subtle way to encourage team bonding and a good excuse for some of the quieter members of the team to express themselves in a completely different way.


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