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        6 ways to make your desk more festive

        6 ways to make your desk more festive

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          Just because you work in an office of Scrooges (hopefully you don’t!) doesn’t mean you can’t have a festive desk…

          Offices tend to fall into two categories in the lead up to Christmas – those who go all out with trees, festive tunes and eggnog in the fridge… and those who barely acknowledge it.

          In fact, only 42% of offices will put up any form of Christmas decorations, according to a survey by office design company Maris Interiors.


          But if you’re a festive fan in a workplace of Scrooges there’s no reason why your desk can’t have a yuletide feel.

          Here are 5 easy tips to make your desk a bit more festive without annoying your colleagues…

          Xmas Icon 11. Change your screen

          Ditch the company logo or generic image of countryside you’ve never been to and instead opt for something seasonal as your desktop image.

          Add a personal touch and use images of past Christmases – your own personal reminder that it’s upon us. Same goes for any pictures you’ve got on your desk – replace the family photos with ones from Christmas.

          Xmas Icon 32. Mini trees

          If the office doesn’t have a tree, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to go without.

          Get a mini potted version to go on your desk and decorate just how you like. Who said tonnes of tinsel was out of fashion? Just remember to take it with you if you’re away over Christmas – you don’t want to come back to a desk of pine needles.

          Xmas Icon 63. Scented candles…in your drawer

          Ah, the smells of Christmas – pine needles, cinnamon cookies, oranges fresh from your stocking. Smells are a great booster for our memory and Christmas scented candles work a treat.

          But they can be overpowering so keep them in your desk drawer and simply open when you want your festive hit.

          Xmas Icon 74. Stockings for storage

          Christmas stockings are a tradition as old as Christmas itself. And you can subtly sneak this one into your office.

          Simply pin some small stockings to your work notice board or around your desk and keep your (candy cane coloured) pens in them. Organisation and Christmas in one easy move.

          Xmas Icon 85. Stick on the headphones

          While many people can’t stand Christmas music, there’s nothing quite like it to get you in the mood.

          Create your own playlist of favourites and stick on your headphones (if this is a done thing). You can nod along to Noddy Holder while everyone else sits there blank faced.

          Xmas Icon 96. Christmas foods

          Replace your daily ham sandwich with a seasonal special – plenty of turkey and stuffing. Bring in a few mince pies as a desert, or go the full hog with a Christmas pudding.

          You can even make your coffee festive by using a Christmas blend. Or replace it altogether with a cinnamon and toffee flavoured hot chocolate. The smell will be enough to turn even the biggest Bah Humbug into Saint Nicholas himself.


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