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        68% of office workers would like flexible working

        68% of office workers would like flexible working

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          Office workers in the UK would like the opportunity to engage in more flexible and mobile working, according to a new study.

          Research which was carried out by TeamViewer found that 78 per cent of people believe that in an economic situation where pay rises are not possible, flexible working is a viable alternative for motivating staff.

          Further to this, 68 per cent of office workers said that they would like to be able to work from their own homes on a more regular basis, reports Telappliant.

          This is all connected to the fact that 50 per cent of people said that the time they take to travel to work could be put to better use, whether for them personally or for the company.

          Holger Felgner, general manager at TeamViewer, said: “The findings of this survey show that flexible working policies can satisfy employees seeking an improved work-life balance.”

          In order for companies to ensure that flexible working can be carried out successfully by their employees there are a number of measures that should be put in place.

          These include investing in video conferencing software, allowing staff to discuss matters as if in the same room, but actually remotely.

          Although this may seem like a large outlay, in the grand scheme of things it will be a crucial investment in order to improve the workings of the office.

          Since flexible and mobile working have been shown to improve staff morale, it can help to boost productivity for businesses.

          This is not the only benefit as companies will find that it helps to reduce some of their costs too, meaning smaller offices can be rented and fewer items such as computers need to be purchased and maintained.

          Such moves can go as far as making an actual office less necessary than ever before and some companies have had all their employees working from home entirely.

          If this becomes the case then a business may wish to employ the services of a virtual office instead – one where no day-to-day work is actually undertaken, but has a prestigious address and a receptionist to field calls.

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