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        9 apps which can improve small business performance

        9 apps which can improve small business performance

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          Apps are becoming a key tool for the growth of SMEs. They’re helping to win fresh business, retain current customer bases, publicise brands, enhance business performance and spark sales leads.

          Apps can give you greater flexibility and working on the go, which means that you don’t need to be tied to the office. They are also great at simplifying tasks and are useful for homeworkers.

          But which are the best ones and how can they benefit your company?

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          This cloud-based beauty stores your files offline. This makes it perfect for getting up to speed on the train to work or whenever it is convenient across multiple gadgets.


          Meeting note-taking just got easier with this device which record key points via digital stylus pens or wireless keyboards. These notes re-appear on your laptop or tablet at a time convenient for you without the need to transcribe. Evernote also helps you get organised on the go, thanks to a cluster of handy tools, such as to-do lists and voice reminders. Very versatile, this can be used across Android, Windows Phone and iOS.


          Don’t let distance be a barrier to effective meetings with this classic video-conferencing tool, with sharp clarity of picture and clear sound. Connection speeds and reliability are improving by the week. This is Android and iOS-friendly.

          Office Mobile

          Don’t let being out of the office ever put a halt to your business activities again. This app enables users to access the software they use on their desktop when they are on the move or away from HQ. You can create and edit Excel, PowerPoint and Word wherever you are if you subscribe to Office 365. This can be used on Android, Windows Phone or iOS.


          Imagine not having to sit through frequent meetings that you don’t really have the time to attend. You don’t have to imagine any more. SameWave allows workers to share their weekly performance by reporting and collecting sales figures and similar information. Because it reduces the amount of meetings you have, it frees up time to get on with other things – like growing your business.

          Cisco WebEx Meetings

          Wherever you are in the world, you can dial up a meeting through your iPhone with colleagues and clients alike. It also comes with the added bonus of enabling you to share spreadsheets, files and presentations and is ideal, whether you’re using Windows Phone, Android or iOS.


          Get a eureka moment, but it dissolves from your mind before you have chance to put them down on paper? Scraps is designed with this in mind, helping you to order your random thoughts ready for presentation at the next meeting.

          Mobile VPN

          This enables office staff to access their workplace’s corporate resources through their devices – especially useful if your home PC suffers temper tantrums. Great for Android and iOS.


          This is a great one for the creative doodler – and saves a fortune on replacing defaced desks. Employees can actually draw their concepts, which are saved for posterity and your next board meeting with JPEG and PDF formats.

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