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        9 start-up ideas we wish we’d come up with

        9 start-up ideas we wish we’d come up with

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          From ground-breaking bio-tech, to hand-written marketing, here’s a look at some of the most innovative and fun start-ups in recent years…

          1. Yourfeed
          Dubbed as the “LinkedIn for millennials”, Yourfeed showcases the skills and experience of freelancers, and let a social media approach overtake the “archaic” process of CVs and cover letters.

          8. Bricklane
          Launched in November 2015 by Simon Heawood and Tom Cavill, Bricklane is the first completely online property ISA, allowing Joe public to make tax free investments into houses and flats for as little as £100

          The business model covers one, two and three bedroom properties across Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. Total costs range between £125,000 and £350,000, and the investment focus is on strong rental demand, but more importantly, Bricklane targets character properties that offer a long-term return on investment.

          A nice square with trees and hedges next to Chetham's library in Manchester on a sunny day


          3. BioSure
          This innovative bio-tech firm started out offering Britain’s first at-home HIV self-testing kit, that is over 99.7% accurate, and gives results in just 15 minutes.

          Selling for just £29.95 online, the speedy IV test has been revolutionary, and t’s now being launched in African nations and the Americas.

          Start-up BioSure creates innovative health care solutions, prioritising speed and convenience, and has since launched testing kits for syphilis, hepatitis B and C, and malaria, as well as animal testing kits for veterinary use.

          4. InkPact
          We’re all guilty of discarding the marketing bumf that comes through the door.

          InkPact offer personalised communication campaigns, translating typed communication into actual handwritten correspondence. It’s written by a real scribe, rather than a computer, and it’s instantly attention-grabbing when it comes through the door.

          5. Monzo
          This is a bank that works with today’s technology. Banking for smartphone users – so, pretty much everyone.

          Monzo started by offering a pre-paid Mastercard, topping up your account when you need to and spending in whatever currencies you like without charge. The main appeal to young adults has been that your balance is instantly updated, making it easier to keep track of your spending.

          The innovative banking app has now extended to current account status, so you can have your salary paid in and set up direct debits.

          Figures show there are more than 200,000 users, and the app has been funded through £2.5 million in crowdfunded investments.

          6. Nim’s Fruit Crisps
          The UK’s first air-dried crisps are made from 100% fruit and veg, so make a delicious healthy snack with no preservatives.

          In todays’ world, consumers are much more concerned with what they’re putting in their bodies and make much more considered choices. These £1.15 crisps are suitable for gluten free diets, coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans, and really tap into an overwhelmingly expanding market.

          Founder Nimisha Raja launched the brand in 2011 to combat unhealthy eating habits, and as well as tapping into the speciality retail market, she’s now selling into online grocer Ocado.

          7. GoCycle GS
          If Boris bikes aren’t your thing, or maybe you’re not at your peak fitness level, then an electric bike could be just the tonic to your daily commute.

          Karbon Kinetics has created a lightweight, foldable electric bike, with a 20-mile or three-hour range. Now on the fourth generation, the Gocycle GS model successfully funded in the top 1% of all Kickstarter projects, launching internationally in summer 2017.

          8. Graven Hill Development Company
          Would-be home builders can buy a plot, design their own house, enjoy a streamlined planning application process and be part of a sustainable community, all within a naturally diverse site in pretty Bicester, Oxfordshire.

          Through its “plot shop” approach, the project’s aim is to turn 190 hectares of brownfield land into 1,900 shiny new homes.

          9. Transformify
          Connecting candidates with jobs and projects, Transformify uses skills match algorithms. But the real draw, is these people can come from anywhere in the world. This helps tap into a global talent pool, but also helps to give back to disadvantaged communities, where people may be struggling to find work.

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