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        94% of firms offering mobile working

        94% of firms offering mobile working

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          Mobile working opportunities are now being provided by 94 per cent of UK organisations, a new report has revealed.

          Research carried out by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) highlighted that managers are increasingly allowing their workforce to enjoy more freedom when it comes to performing tasks and promoting modern practices.

          The survey, which collated answers from more than 1,100 individuals in senior roles, found nearly three-quarters of participants said their company was supportive of flexible working.

          On top of this, some 62 per cent of respondents claimed they have senior managers who are acting as role models for carrying out tasks from home or other locations.

          With 50 per cent of managers also believing flexible working is now standard practice where they work, 82 per cent noted they have enjoyed numerous benefits of their remote operations to the organisation.

          Commenting on the findings, Charles Elvin – chief executive of the ILM – said more companies than ever before are realising that work is something that can be done from anywhere, at any time.

          He added: “More and more employers are recognising that a flexible approach to how, where and when their employees work offers real business benefits, including increased staff engagement, reduced overheads and the ability to meet their customer needs more fully.”

          Researchers found 32 per cent of managers that do not promote flexible working said they would like to, but are afraid to ask due to the existing culture present in their organisation.

          However, Mr Elvin noted that such residual cultural barriers that are preventing some businesses from embracing the modern practice could be reversed with “openness and honesty” about working policies.

          The expert noted: “Negative attitudes towards flexible workers are often prompted by a sense of unfairness and poor communication from senior management on policy.”

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