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        A guide to improving your office layout

        A guide to improving your office layout

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          Did you know your office layout can affect productivity? Get the most from your workspace with these office layout ideas…

          Office layouts have changed dramatically over the decades – and especially so since the 1980s when cubicles came and went, quickly
          replaced by open plan.

          With some fine tuning and planning, you can transform your office and boost your team’s productivity.

          Here are our favourite office layout ideas…

          Rethink the seating plan
          Unless you’ve made an office move, your seating plan may well have organically changed over the years as people have come and gone. And even if you’ve made an active choice to change where people sit, it could be that there’s a better way to group people.

          Usually, the first choice would be to put people together by department. But grouping people by goal or client could be a better way to organise your team. This works especially well if you’ve got
          flexibility in your office to move people every few months.

          Get close to windows
          Traditionally, the best office in a building is always the corner one as the occupier has the most natural light. And while views are great, a study from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found that people working close to windows spend 15% longer staying ‘on task’ than those subjected to more enclosed spaces.

          The answer might be to find a way to have desks near windows, and putting other areas like break-out rooms, meeting rooms and storage into the centre of floors where there is less access to windows.

          Office layout ideas from BE Offices

          Pick a colour
          We all know that bright, bold colours can be distracting, and that a red wall is more likely to make staff angry than productive. White walls provide a neutral environment to which artwork can add a splash of colour, or go for muted, warm colours that are welcoming but don’t put too much strain on the eye – maybe something similar to what your living room at home is decorated in.

          Clear the desks
          Clear and tidy desks help to boost productivity. Help design this into your workplace by providing everyone with plenty of storage space whether that’s lockers for personal items or shelving and filing cabinets for paperwork.

          You could ask everyone nicely to spend 5 minutes tidying their desks at the end of their day.

          Moveable furniture
          As offices become more flexible, one aspect that often remains fixed in place is the furniture. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Many items can be designed so they can be transformed into various

          It means that a desk can be pulled away from a noisy area for quiet working or chairs and tables can easily be pushed together for a group session.

          Alternative seating options
          Sitting for eight hours a day at a desk can play havoc on our bodies. And with this comes a drop in productivity. So make sure that all of your staff have access to an alternative seating option, from sofas to balance balls to standing desks. Many studies have found that these alternatives to the desk chair can help boost productivity.

          And the beauty is that many of these redesign options can be requested in our serviced offices.



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