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        A guide to serviced offices… with storage

        A guide to serviced offices… with storage

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          Do you need more storage space in your office? In our latest guide, find out how a serviced office can help and what we have available…

          Serviced offices are managed office spaces that are fully fitted, furnished and ready for work. In addition to telephone answering services, secretarial support, meeting facilities and high-speed internet access, they also come with storage facilities.

          Ideal for box-shifters, IT companies and niche traders, these offices with storage give you space to grow your business and manage inventory.

          Shot of young businessman in casual clothes at modern startup business office space, working on desktop computer.

          Store your ever-growing stock
          As your business expands, it’s inevitable that the amount of merchandise or equipment you acquire will grow too, but your existing office space or room you use at home might not be big enough to accommodate all your stock.

          A serviced office with storage gives you room to store bulky equipment and file paperwork cluttering up your existing workspace.

          Don’t be tied down by a long lease
          Storing everything in a traditional warehouse or office may mean committing to a long lease with no scope for downsizing, upsizing or ending the contract early without paying a penalty.

          Serviced offices are often available on short-term contracts, giving you the flexibility to scale up or down depending on whether you’ve just won a new contract or are taking on more staff, or reacting to how the market is performing in general. With BE Offices you can get contracts that last from 1 month to 5 years.

          Save on expensive overheads
          Moving to a bigger office is likely to increase your business rates and overheads, with additional charges such as utility costs. And forking out for extra storage units that don’t get used all the time isn’t very cost effective.

          If you opt for a serviced office, all the key costs are usually covered under a single ‘all inclusive’ price. BE Offices’ serviced offices provide you with storage units alongside everything else you need to run a business, including a fully furnished office, high-speed broadband, staffed reception, stocked kitchen and CCTV.

          Handle seasonal peaks and troughs
          Serviced offices are ideal for seasonal companies whose level of stock and sales fluctuate depending on what time of year it is.

          If you experience peaks and troughs, you can rent an office with storage space and upscale or downscale whenever you want according to demand. You can store extra stock there, and once things quieten down again you can vacate the office until you need to start it up again.

          Move during office refurb
          An office refurbishment is a way for businesses to expand and create a fresh image without going through the upheaval and expense of moving to an entirely new office space. If you’re planning to renovate your existing office, you may need to set up somewhere else temporarily so your work doesn’t suffer.

          BE Offices has spaces in a range of locations around the south of England, including the City of London, Canary Wharf, Reading and Bristol.

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