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        A guide to the International Festival for Business

        A guide to the International Festival for Business

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          What is it?

          The summer sees a “must-go-to” festival that’s not to be missed … and there’s always football’s World Cup in Brazil too.

          Liverpool is staging the first-ever International Festival for Business (IFB).

          Where is it?

          Venues throughout Liverpool. These include IFB Hub. This is situated on Liverpool’s iconic waterfront.


          When is it?

          Through June and July.

          Why should you attend?

          There are many reasons why your small business should attend, including:

          The kudos of being in on something new and big

          There’s a glowing sense of pride at being in on the start of something big.

          Going back to football’s World Cup, England didn’t think it necessary to play in it until 20 years after the first tournament – and have been ridiculed ever since.

          The Government-supported IFB worldwide market place aims to speed up the country’s business expansion by linking the cleverest entrepreneurial brains with the planet’s richest business openings.

          Company delegates across the globe will be attending, creating unique network opportunities. So don’t miss out!

          Maximising your export potential

          The Government has pointed to the key part exports play in the future of the country’s companies.

          Recent research has found that a firm’s chances of failing increases by 300-400% if it doesn’t venture outside the domestic market, compared to a company with clients abroad.

          Firms hoping to ship goods overseas are more optimistic about future sales than ones without export strategies, according to a study by Santander last year.

          The IFB puts the focus firmly on exports and global trade.

          Ministers view IFB 2014 as a vital part of the Government’s goal to rebalance the economy so that export as well as investment targets are hit.

          The festival puts a specific concentration on forging fresh global and home business-to-business links and commercial opportunities for UK firms.

          The magnificent seven

          The IFB is being billed as this year’s biggest worldwide calendar of business functions.

          It offers companies a selection of over 150 events focusing on business comprising the following seven main themes:

          – cities, enterprise/urban business

          – creative/digital industries

          – financial/professional services

          – higher and further education plus research

          – low carbon/renewables

          – manufacturing, science/technology

          – maritime, port/logistics


          Small business summit

          Liverpool’s John Moores University is the stage for a “must-see” conference for small businesses on July 3. The Federation of Small Business’s summit theme is higher and further education and research. Keynote guests from trade, industry, media and politics will offer tips to guide you through these issues.

          After-hours fun

          Liverpool’s nightlife can help turn your visit into a working break you’ll never forget.

          Access to the festival’s Business Club membership

          Companies can be matched-up with would-be suppliers, investors and customers via the festival’s Business Brokerage service. To access this free facility, apply for the festival’s Business Club membership. Details can be found at the festival itself or by clicking on the link in this paragraph. Membership entitles you to rafts of advantages during the festival. These include access to wide-ranging business support services.




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