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        Alternative away day ideas for team-building fun

        Alternative away day ideas for team-building fun

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          Looking for some ideas for engaging away days, that are sure to be memorable and effective for your team? Here are some ideas for your next springtime outing.

          Since spring has (finally) rolled around, you’re likely thinking about organising a team-building activity or so-called away day for your office team.

          The main aims of away days and team building exercises are to change the way your team thinks about problem solving, work on their interpersonal and cooperative skills and help them get to know each other on a non-professional level.

          Many companies will have ideas like paintballing, cinema trips or a meal out, without thinking about what will make the day memorable or what employees will get out of the day.

          Here we look at some alternative away days and why they can help your team.

          For a day of team-building while giving back to the community, why not organise an away day to a local animal shelter, during which employees can help walking, playing with and showing some love to the animals?

          For many people, a hectic working day means little to no time to get involved in acts of kindness. Being able to do something for others is soothing for the soul and allows colleagues to get out in the fresh air and enjoy each other’s company, too.

          Zumba lessons
          Social niceties and norms can sometimes stifle creativity and freedom in an office. Taking the team out for Zumba lessons can help break these barriers. Once your manager has wiggled his hips and given some enthusiastic whoops in front of everyone, he’ll be less embarrassed to speak his mind in the office.

          Three women in a Zumba lesson

          It’s also a physical work out for the team, getting the blood pumping and the brains working faster. Plus, a bit of exercise gets positive chemicals flowing, so everyone is sure to feel nice and refreshed afterwards!

          Get cooking
          Learning from an expert can be a great experience for your staff as they have to put aside their own egos and listen to someone else. Cooking lessons are a great way to do this. Following recipes carefully can also improve people’s attention to detail.

          Get them working in teams or pairs to come up with their own versions of recipes allowing them to build their team working skills and show their creativity.

          Want to go a step further? Host a cook-off in the office and invite employees to bring in recipes they learned on the away day to share at lunchtime.

          Game shows
          Competition can bring out the best and worst in people, so it’s really interesting to watch your team in a game show environment to see how they react.

          Try setting up your own Dragon’s Den where employees have to sell outlandish products or test their obscure knowledge with your own version of Pointless – with questions based around clients or your work.

          If you’re playing quizmaster, quickly switch formats to keep your teams on their toes and thinking instinctively.


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