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        Alternative office summer party ideas

        Alternative office summer party ideas

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          It’s summer party season, so to make sure your office get-together goes with a bang here are our top 5 tips for the best office summer party.

          It’s that time of year again… summer party season. While summer in the office usually means a drop in productivity — whether because of the heat, the football, or the tennis — that doesn’t have to be the case!

          One sure-fire way to keep staff happy and productivity high is by throwing an office summer party. These can be a great perk for employees and an excellent way to build comradery.

          Here are our top 5 tips for throwing a great office party this summer.

          Pot luck picnic
          What better way to spend a summer afternoon than by enjoying a picnic in the park? And to get the most out of your picnic why not make it a ‘pot luck’?

          Pot lucks are great for a few reasons. Firstly, with each person bringing one dish to share, the burden of bringing all the food is shared amongst everyone. Plus a mix of food means there’s something for every taste. Whether you’re vegan or gluten free you should be catered for by at least one dish. Even better is that you’ll likely get to try some dishes that you’ve never even heard of before.

          Sports day
          If you have an energetic office then relive your school days by throwing a fun take on sports day. It doesn’t have to be all 1500m and triple jumps, either. The 50m dash and the egg and spoon race in the local park are just as competitive and even more fun.

          If you are going down the sporty route, make sure you provide plenty of fluids for everyone taking part.

          Drinks and boules
          For a more sophisticated take on the sports day theme, why not take a cue from our French cousins by playing a leisurely game of boules? The classic summer game is played by people of all ages across France and it’s the ideal office party game because everyone can play.

          One thing if you are following the French route, is to provide drinks for the whole office. Not every will want to drink alcohol, so be sure to add some non-alcoholic offerings to keep everyone happy.

          Games evening
          If the weather outside takes a turn for the worse or your colleagues simply aren’t the outdoorsy types, why not try a games evening inside? Board games are a great leveller, and who doesn’t love a classic like Monopoly or Pictionary?

          If you don’t want to stay in the office, why not think about heading somewhere different? Many towns and cities across the UK have board game cafés, which means you and your colleagues will get a great choice of games in a cosy new setting.

          Top 5 tips for the best office summer party from BE Offices


          It just doesn’t feel like summer without a barbecue, does it? A barbecue is a great, casual way for colleagues to socialise and try out some excellent food. If your office doesn’t have an outside space, why not try a local park — just check that barbecues are allowed beforehand.

          Obviously, remember to check meat is cooked thoroughly to avoid any nightmares, while you should ensure that vegan and vegetarian options are included to make sure everyone can join in the fun.



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