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        Avoid temptation and stay slim in your office

        Avoid temptation and stay slim in your office

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          From bowls of sweets left at reception and sandwiches left for meetings to birthday cakes and back-from-holiday treats, the serviced office can be a minefield for anybody trying to watch their waistline.

          While these tempting treats may make work more enjoyable and add a more social aspect to the job, they can also make workers sluggish, detract attention away from work, and may even lead to time off for dentist appointments!

          The Daily Mail revealed the main challenges for people who are trying to keep their shape while working in the office.

          Top of the list was the colleague who buys treats for everyone on the desk. People feel they have to accept so as not to offend, so they develop a habit of saying yes to that Tuesday morning croissant or Friday afternoon cookie.

          Eating at your desk was billed as another issue, as it means you will pay less attention to what you are eating.

          The advice from experts was to avoid the herd mentality and do not be influenced by the behaviour of co-workers.

          Eating at your desk is constantly high up in lists of bad habits which people have when they are trying to lose weight.

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