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        BE Offices sets new industry standards with ground breaking superfast 10Gb internet connectivity service from Virtual1

        BE Offices sets new industry standards with ground breaking superfast 10Gb internet connectivity service from Virtual1

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          BE Offices today unveils ground breaking superfast 10Gb internet connectivity that is being introduced into its network of 16 centres.

          The £2m investment will set new industry standards for a fibre-based connectivity that is faster, more reliable and has greater capacity than anything currently being offered in the serviced offices market. This is being described as a major step change in the flexible workspace market.

          BE Offices sets new industry standards with ground breaking superfast 10Gb internet

          The new service will enable BE to provide clients with superfast connectivity that is as much as 100 times faster than many of its competitors. Typically, many flexible space providers only offer a 100Mb service to be shared across all users.

          It comes as part of BE’s renowned all-inclusive pricing package, rather than charging clients additional fees which is the industry norm.

          BE’s new superfast connectivity offer is reinforced by 1Gb back-up lines that instantaneously ensure continuity of service and prevent clients suffering any downtime.

          It also allows BE to offer the highest quality service to its voice platform enabling the company to deliver a true enterprise voice solution to clients.

          Connectivity has been described as the oxygen for business, something which BE has recognised for some time and has been working with potential suppliers to meet both the demands of its clients as well as establishing new industry standards.

          David Saul, BE’s Managing Director and co-founder, said: “We are constantly striving to establish new levels of service and create new industry standards. By introducing superfast 10Gb connectivity I believe we have really raised the bar in setting service levels that are the best in the industry.

          “We believe this will set us apart from our competitors and prove hugely attractive to clients who need to process substantial quantities of data quickly and reliably.”

          BE has selected Virtual1 in providing this cutting-edge service, with Communicate-IT as the install partner. BE is taking advantage of Virtual1’s recent network expansion and upgrades to make the new service a reality.

          Virtual1’s solution is not only about speed as it also delivers private connectivity to key voice and Cloud data services. It also enables BE to guarantee both quality and security of the service provided.

          Tom O’Hagan, Virtual1’s CEO, said: “This is a very exciting deal, working closely with a partner and another business that is leading the way and disrupting its industry is a great fit for us.”

          Over the next few weeks the service will be introduced into three of BE’s centres: Cheapside, Minories and Barbican (Beech Street). It is then intended to roll out the service throughout its network over the next two months.


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