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        BE Offices supports Move for Mindfulness Week in aid of The Samaritans

        BE Offices supports Move for Mindfulness Week in aid of The Samaritans

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          BE Offices have partnered with running app Lupa to support Move for Mindfulness Week in aid of The Samaritans.

          Lupa, the world’s smartest running app built to run with you and mindfully guide you to your goals, whatever they may be, combines smart technology with mindfulness and human-like coaching. It’s is all you need to get started, go faster, run for longer or simply get some headspace.

          Good mental health is made up of many things – community, exercise, self-care – and we want to support our clients with all of these elements. That is why we have chosen to partner with Lupa and their launch of Move for Mindfulness Week from March 21st – 27th in aid of The Samaritans Mental Health Charity. By downloading the Lupa app and logging every run or walk in the week 21st – 27th March, Lupa will donate £1.00 per run/walk on the user’s behalf to The Samaritans, so that while users support themselves with mindful movement, they are supporting others to receive the mental health care they need.

          Lupa take a mindful approach to help users feel the positive effects of running, get in the right mindset and enjoy running more. No runner is the same, so no coaching should be. Lupa learns about its users and tailors the training accordingly, adapting at each run. Whatever the users’ goals, whether to run 2km or 20km, they are with you at every step to support you and make you feel better in body and mind.

          Why not find your next run on Lupa? Select classes and courses to improve your performance or enjoy a running experience with running meditations, sightseeing and much more. Taking a mindful, personal and adaptive approach to running, Lupa personalises a user’s coaching journey by learning about the individual and their goals and guides the user on what to do and how to do it through adaptable mindful audio guidance.

          Here are Lupa’s top 5 tips to help you be more mindful on your running journey…

          1. Look around you

          Often as we run, we look at the ground in front of us and miss the world that we pass through. Why not take a moment every now and then to look up and take in the views around you. When we focus on the external world, we can anchor our minds away from any uncomfortable thoughts or feelings, and allow our minds to quieten down. This is especially beneficial if you have the option to run in a park, on a beach or by water. Noticing these things can help you to recognise that there is a world outside of your workplace, outside of your worries.

          2. It’s not always a race

          Not all of your running has to be at 100% effort. There are occasions where you can and you might like to go for a faster time or for a longer distance, it’s worth remembering that easier runs are just as important in our running training. When you do an easier run, even if it doesn’t result in a personal best, you will still build strength, burn calories and improve your running economy, as well as maybe having that opportunity to slow down and recognise just how good it feels to move.

          3. Breathe

          Our breath is so powerful – it has the ability to anchor us into the present moment, fuel our bodies and even alter our heart rate. On your next run, try this – Breathe in twice through your nose, before breathing out slowly through your nose. This practice helps to improve your heart rate variability mid run. The technique helps to reopen the alveoli in the lungs through the inhale, and then helps to release more carbon dioxide from the lungs through the extended exhale. This can help to reduce your heart rate and decrease lactic acid build up, as well as being an anchor into your present running experience.

          4. Scan your body

          Body scans help connect mind to body, so what better way to do so than in the form of a relaxing run. Instead of doing the practice seated or lying down, set out on a light run or walk, and just scan through your body from head to toe. Notice how your feet feel as they hit off the floor beneath you, notice how high your forearms raise as you run, notice how your hands are positioned, notice the quality of your breath. It’s about connecting with and understanding what is good for your body.

          5. Be find to yourself

          ‘Mindfulness in its most simple form is having an awareness of your present experience, without any judgement for yourself or that experience’. Most people tend to remember the first half of the definition but the second half is just as important. If you can take one thing away from this article, make it a reminder to be kinder to yourself inside and outside of your running. If you fall short of a target, or if you get injured, it does not mean you are a failure. You are the same lovely person as you were before you set out on your run so don’t beat yourself up. Just recognise what happened and take learnings from it. Be kind to yourself and remember why you started and why you enjoy running in the first place.

          When movement and mindfulness combine, it unlocks a whole new world for our mental wellbeing. The style of movement is up to you but mindfulness is everywhere, once you allow yourself to notice!

          Why not take control of your holistic health today by downloading the Lupa app  or go to and begin your #MoveForMindfulness.


          Posted by Michelle Winton, Community & Events Manager

          Image courtesy of Lupa

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