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        Best ways to celebrate Easter in the office

        Best ways to celebrate Easter in the office

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          Daffodils, bunnies and more chocolate than you can shake an egg at – Easter’s the time to wave goodbye to the winter blues and celebrate fresh starts. Here’s how to bring the joys of spring into your office this Easter…

          Egg hunt
          No office Easter celebration is complete without the obligatory chocolate-egg Easter hunt. Try hiding tiny foil-wrapped eggs around the office, the one who finds the most wins a full-size one. Yum.

          To make it a longer game you can send out email clues throughout the day. Everyone loves a puzzle. Particularly when there’s chocolate at the end of it.

          Just make sure you note down where they all are, so you don’t end up finding suspicious brown patches dotting the office in weeks to come.

          Easter charity bake off
          There’s nothing like giving to charity to take the guilt away from eating far too many hot cross buns. Choose a worthy charity – many have special event packs you can order online – and get baking!

          Easter composition with traditional Russian Easter bread kulich

          You can encourage people to take part by offering prizes. That way they get a reward, the office gets yummy treats, and everyone gets the satisfaction of giving to a good cause. It’s wins all round. Plus, nothing brings people together better than cake.

          Easter egg arts and crafts
          Colouring in bunny pictures, making Easter-themed bunting, painting eggs – all these things will bring back childhood memories and encourage team building. To make coloured eggs, you’ll need:

          • Lots of eggs
          • Painting supplies and brushes
          • Glitter and Easter stickers
          • Straws
          • A sink for rinsing your eggs
          • Cover for the table
          • A few mixing bowls
          • Lots of paper towels

          Step 1: Poke a hole into the top and bottom of your egg
          Step 2: Poke the straw into the bottom of the egg
          Step 3: Gently blow the egg contents into a bowl
          Step 4: Rinse out your eggs and then carefully dry them
          Step 5: Get painting!

          Or if you prefer, you can always buy fake eggs from craft shops, so your team can start getting creative without the faff. Just set up a table with egg-decorating supplies and see who can come up with the coolest creation.

          Pin the ears and tail on the bunny
          But with a slight twist – instead of getting people to play individually, get people working together in teams.

          Blindfold the ‘pinner’ and then get everyone else in their team to direct them to the bunny’s head and fluffy derriere. Not only is it guaranteed to cause a lot of laughter, but you get people working together who maybe don’t normally interact.

          Have fun and hop to it!



          Images courtesy of Press Association

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