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        Biggest free Wi-Fi zone in Europe could benefit mobile workers

        Biggest free Wi-Fi zone in Europe could benefit mobile workers

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          A free mobile zone, which is being established in London ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games, is expected to be the biggest in Europe and could benefit those who undertake mobile working.

          By creating the zone across Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea, members of staff who spend much of their time working outside of the office may find it easier to connect to the internet.

          Since many mobile workers decide not to do their jobs from home, as they like to keep the distinction between personal and work life separate, they often work from a so-called third place.

          Originally the Wi-Fi access points will be incorporated into street furniture in a few small areas, but will be expanded by O2 – which is behind the scheme – to include the entirety of both boroughs.

          Financing for the project is not coming from councils or taxpayers, meaning the scheme represents a great opportunity for those who live locally to get online cheaply.

          Councillor Nicholas Paget-Brown, deputy leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, said: “Residents and visitors having free access to the latest mobile technology will help us to continue to offer value for money for residents.”

          With so much attention being given to London this year, it is hoped that having such a large free internet zone will aid in the enjoyment of visitors to the capital.

          On the other hand, much has been said recently about the legacy of the games for the UK and for those living and working in these two boroughs, free Wi-Fi may be a very positive reminder of 2012.

          Councillor Philippa Roe, cabinet member of Westminster City Council, said: “Westminster welcomes over a million tourists a day, is home to 250,000 residents, employs over half a million people and sees 4,000 business starts-ups each year.”

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