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        Bonuses can create a sense of loyalty in the office

        Bonuses can create a sense of loyalty in the office

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          Unsurprisingly, new research has shown that creating a sense of loyalty in the office space is best achieved by handing out bonuses.

          According to an online survey by recruitment specialist CBSbutler, the best way to keep hold of top talent is to offer them financial rewards.

          Almost two thirds of the business managers surveyed by the recruitment expert claimed that bonuses and performance-related pay were vital for retaining the best staff.

          Speaking to, David Leyshon, managing director of CBSbutler, said: “I believe the best way to motivate staff… is by using bonuses and reward based pay.”

          However, he added that business owners should be wary of just paying bonuses to staff solely on their ability to meet hard and fast targets.

          He told the news provider that “qualitative skills such as team work, managing change, problem solving and customer focus” should also be considered when offering financial rewards.

          Recently, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development claimed that businesses struggling to survive the current economic turmoil need to boost office space morale in other ways.

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