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        Boost employee productivity by redesigning the office

        Boost employee productivity by redesigning the office

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          Given the multitude of other pressing tasks they are faced with on a daily basis, designing the perfect office layout may not always be a top priority for business leaders.

          So long as staff members are equipped with a desk, PC, keyboard and mouse – and somewhere to file important papers – it is often considered ‘job done’ in terms of workplace design.

          But could company bosses be missing a trick by failing to spend a little more time thinking about the arrangement of furniture, colour schemes and other decorations.

          One designer – Cheryll Gillespie – certainly thinks so. In her view, businesses which fail to create an attractive, appealing workplace environment are unlikely to get the most out of their paid staff.

          She claimed that creating a stylish workspace is one of the best ways to get employees into action mode, and encourages them to give their all on a daily basis.

          “Whether your office is located in a sleek high rise downtown or in a small quaint corner of your home, having a well-designed and organised workspace keeps productivity and motivation levels soaring,” Ms Gillespie claimed.

          She said that, regardless of the size, shape or location of its office space, any businesses can make its working environment fabulous.

          “Start with the desk – the key piece of an office – and build fabulous from there,” Ms Gillespie urged.

          “Today, we have lots of great options for desks that are more than utilitarian horizontal surfaces. There are desks with curved shapes, rustic wood tops, stainless steel and folded airplane wings, so find a desktop that you love.”

          The designer proposed that by investing in comfortable desk chairs, employers can put their workers at ease and encourage them to keep working throughout the day.

          “Go vintage or new and sleek, but remember, if it doesn’t fit you like a favourite pair of slippers then you won’t want to be in it all day,” she stated.

          “When organising the space, consider built-in cabinets for storage and filing or converting a dresser or buffet unit into storage.”

          Ms Gillespie said it is through the details that businesses achieve the ‘wow’ factor – and this means replacing tired furniture, adding colour to the office and making the workplace as comfortable for staff as possible.

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