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        Boost office work through team building, expert urges

        Boost office work through team building, expert urges

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          As business leaders and office managers aim to improve productivity levels, they should not underestimate the value of team building exercises, it has been suggested.

          Paul Matthews, managing director and founder at People Alchemy Ltd, said it is important to ensure that office teams work as smoothly together as possible.

          Managers need to create “a well-oiled machine as opposed to one that creaks and squeaks as the wheels turn”, he stated.

          “It is far more enjoyable working with a smooth running team, and an enjoyable workplace leads to better morale,” Mr Matthews added.

          “This may or may not lead to better performance, although it usually does.”

          He said the whole point of team building is to progress the collective as quickly as possible through the stages of the Tuckman model.

          This means ‘forming, storming, norming and performing’, Mr Matthews noted.

          Then the manager or team leader needs to hold the group at the performing stage for as long as possible.

          “If this is done, then inevitably team performance increases,” he added.

          In terms of team building, businesses have a range of options.

          They could plan special training days – for instance at an outdoor adventure centre – to encourage greater collaboration, or hold events at the office – such as a summer or Christmas social.

          On a day-to-day basis, fun games and activities – which need only take a few minutes – can help break up the day and ensure employees enjoy the company of their colleagues.

          They can also help stimulate the brain and urge employees to start thinking ‘outside the box’.

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