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        Breaking down the barriers in your shared office

        Breaking down the barriers in your shared office

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          If you have problems with tensions between staff and departments in your office space in Milton Keynes, you need to break down the barriers to improve productivity, according to executive coach Blaire Palmer.

          The author of ‘What’s Wrong With Work?’ spoke to Recruiter about the pressures of ‘silo problems’ in the workplace.

          Animosity between departments or tensions between members of staff can cause these problems, which mean that aspects of the business are not working in a compatible way.

          Palmer told the news provider that in order to overcome these issues in shared offices employers must tackle the root of the problem by getting staff together to talk over the tensions and work them out.

          She said: “If a business is like a living organism but the different parts of the body are unable to connect with all the other parts – the hands don’t know what the arms are doing, the eyes aren’t co-ordinated with the legs – it can’t operate at peak capacity. That’s what happens in a business which operates in silos.”

          A report in the Telegraph suggested that almost 30 per cent of people are unhappy or dissatisfied at work, which may be affecting their productivity.

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