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        Bring your office up to speed with these 4 pieces of tech

        Bring your office up to speed with these 4 pieces of tech

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          Is your office stuck in the past? Are you using outdated tech? If so, it’s time to bring your working environment into the 21st century. Here are 4 must-have pieces of tech that help you do business better.

          1. Tablet computer
          The era of the desktop computer is drawing to a close. With a growing number of employees working on the go, be it on the daily commute or at home, mobile working is now essential to the modern business.

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          Because some employees now need to be able to take their work with them wherever they go the tablet computer is more than stepping up to the plate. One minute it can be used in the office, the next minute it can be used on the train.

          Workers can simply attach or detach the keyboard to the tablet, depending on where they are. The fact that they can take the device anywhere with them also reduces the reliance on cloud servers, which can sometimes be overrun.

          2. All-in-one wireless printer
          Printers have moved on a lot in recent years. Now you can get printers that do everything – print, scan and copy – wirelessly, meaning there is no need to have a room filled with printers, scanners and copiers.

          The all-in-one wireless printer makes office life much simpler. Everything employees print, scan or copy can be directly sent to their smartphone, tablet, laptop – or all three – plus some models can check and send faxes.

          It also frees up valuable space that can sometimes be at a premium.

          3. 3D printer
          3D printing – the process of making actual physical objects like keys, mugs and, well, just about anything – could change business for the better. The flexibility of 3D printing – you don’t need storage or warehouses – makes it an efficient way to make prototype products.

          As the cost of 3D printers drops, it could become a permanent fixture in the workplace.

          4. Wi-Fi booster
          Every business relies on a good broadband connection. But sometimes the signal can be weaker in certain areas of the office, such as meeting rooms, for example. A Wi-Fi booster holds the answer to the problem.

          It guarantees a strong signal throughout the entire office for mobile devices and stationary set-ups like printers.

          This means video conferences will run smoothly, without interruption or lagging due to weak signal, while you’re wireless router shouldn’t become overloaded when lots of devices are connected to it at the same time.

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