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        Britain’s sluggish economic recovery ‘holding back’ IT wages

        Britain’s sluggish economic recovery ‘holding back’ IT wages

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          Britain’s sluggish economic recovery is preventing salaries in the IT sector from rising, according to the IT Job Board.

          The UK economy has not been able to emerge on the other side of the economic downturn with the speed and productivity it would have liked and its recovery has been much slower than other European countries like Germany.

          Pete Healey, sales director of the job site, said: “The perception of UK IT workers is that there is going to be not so much of an increase, moving forward, on their wages, but they are expecting to see an increase in benefits, which typically European countries have been stronger at.”

          According to their own research, the IT Job Board found that only half of British IT workers received an increase on their salary, compared to 73 per cent in Germany.

          However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

          “The UK is coming in line with other countries in terms of benefits packages; IT staff are seeing the are seeing an increase in benefits in kind rather than salaries,” said Mr Healey.

          The IT Job Board is the UK’s biggest IT specialist site.

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